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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 13:29

Start of Highways and Traffic Week in Elazığ

Start of Highways and Traffic Week in Elazığ
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Road Safety and Traffic Week in grabbing the best drivers in the program organized in Elazig Governor's Office with the successful officers were awarded with plaques and six .

Elazığ news: Road Safety and Traffic Week in grabbing the best drivers in the program organized in Elazig Governor's Office with the successful officers were awarded with plaques and six .
in Elazig Governor's Office due to Road Safety and Traffic Week program was held at the Conference Hall . Programs Governor Ömer Faruk Kocak, Provincial Police Director Mr Busy , Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Expedition Resuloğlu , Nurettin Önsoy Police School Principal , staff and invited guests attended public institutions . Speaking at the program Elazig Governor Ömer Faruk Kocak, traffic week actually like the other weeks of the year or of the rules that must be followed in all matters to be considered one of the week is repeated for a week , he said . Governor Kocak, \"Traffic issues all over the world as a problem emerges . Our country is a serious problem . Approximate time of the accident and after the number of deaths per year 5 thousand , crippled number of 135 thousand . So this is a period in any way an infraction as a matter of detected. then a financial loss as a matter detected. But now I think correct place began . this is actually a public health problem. around the world to third place especially the lower income group countries, cause of death 3rd row of seating tended. So in the first cardiovascular diseases , in second cancer in third traffic accidents ranks . Elazig we look at the past year, 19 people lost their lives , the number of injured thousands around 800. I Elazig when I came to , he is a of my own survey did. Burr of the most important issues is the case. most one of the few problems emerged as an important traffic . we have started to work on this issue expeditiously . Actually, in this work we do in the community perception of traffic jams, as it seems. When we ask people says traffic problems . However, when we look to fill in a traffic jam though largely been a problem as there is a perception . But by us concerning compliance with traffic rules when they actually have a problem. I think a major problem in Elazığ traffic problems . However, it is subject to excessive speed and seat belt connecting the two points is the most prominent . Good let us know in traffic time lost much more than traffic accidents elsewhere in hospitals and other places lost and to come back for we have lost our health , disability falls when the quality of life of our deteriorates. Yet when we look at statistics from the last 30 years of terror as we say 30 thousand people lost their lives . More than five times that we lost in traffic accidents . About 160 thousand people . 250 thousand people were injured . What is financial provision as it looked when we're at 20 billion pounds, but is probably at least $ 40 billion . Both in Turkey as well as in our province and the seat belt attachment , as well as excessive speed on a campaign we are launching , \"he said .
Program in a speech Elazig Police Department Traffic Branch Manager Ali Alper Vural, Turkey, and Elazig occurring accidents and gave information regarding the number of vehicles . Vural, \"in Elazig province , including 51 in 95 thousand 402 thousand 632 automobile's motor vehicle . If you own a driver's license in the province is 179 thousand 631 people . Last year 19 people died in the accident that occurred , the thousand 893 people were injured . Road Traffic Safety action plan in line with the decision taken at provincial coordination committee of civil servants in 2014 while using public and private vehicles was intended to be an example of using seat belts . Traffic rules was decided to be given to compliance training . They , as well as where it is needed to overpass canceled and traffic scheme is aimed at providing \"she said.
Highways 8th Regional Directorate Hasan Kılıçtepe general information traffic by training , he noted.
Then obeying traffic rules by example constituting bus, minibus and taxi drivers , and gold was given a plaque by Governor Kocak . successful branch manager in charge of the gendarmerie and the police department traffic officers were given a certificate of appreciation .

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