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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 09:50

Start Shellfish Harvesting Almonds in Silifke

Start Shellfish Harvesting Almonds in Silifke
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Silifke shelled almonds grown in villages in rural areas, the harvest began.

Mersin news: Silifke in rural villages grown shelled almonds harvest began.
Silifke Food, Agriculture and Livestock Director Abdullah bayonet, his written statement, Tented , İmaml , the Pelitpınar , the Demircili , Senior, Nur , Çatak , Poplar, Ass , Çaltıbozk the Akdere , Light , Uşakpınar in the villages of almonds grown said.
450 acres of land , about 300 tons of shelled almond production takes place, stated that the bayonet , the county most Tksas , Nonpariel varieties are grown these almond hands of almonds call and the shell along with the roasted renewed almonds noted that .
in the district Akdere and illuminated the neighborhood of Turkey in the early ages, almond harvest stressed that the bayonet, the other in the villages shelled almond production is common , he said.
shelled almond harvest the start stating that the bayonet, \"Almost all our village on a small scale in the Although almonds are produced . Pelitpınar and Tented Most almond production is done in the villages , \"he said .

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