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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:03

Start Thematic Youth Camps

Start Thematic Youth Camps
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Youth and Sports Ministry by young people in the horizon, to interleave a door in dreams and in the next life many things able Abilecekleriyle implemented in order to provide relevant basic motivation'Thematic Youth Camps'project in Samsun'Entrepreneurship', Manisa in the'History'began the camp.

Ankara news:
year with different themes which will be held in different cities'Thematic Youth Camps was the first leg of Samsun and Manisa . Be familiar with the themes identified youth and to meet with successful academics and businessmen in the area for the first leg of the project was implemented , November 10 to 14 and 14-will be held in two periods, namely 17 November .'Thematic Youth Camps in Samsun foot'Entrepreneurship'theme processing Manisa is in the foot'History'theme processed.
< Strong> with MEDAYATİK NAME YOUNG Met < br/> youth starting on 10 November in the sense of entrepreneurship for the development of Samsun'Entrepreneurship Camp , with mediatic name gave successful examples of entrepreneurship in the field of youth met . Of young people in the horizon, dreams of a door is opened up and the next life in a lot of able Abilecekleriyle about basic motivation camps organized in order to ensure , Turkey universities in general economic and administrative sciences and political science was attended by 42 young men studying in school. In the first period will continue until November 14 young people attending the seminar with the participation of successful academics and businessmen in the area .
'Thematic Youth Camps Project'under which began in Samsun The second period of Entrepreneurship Camp with the participation of 42 young women 14-17 will be held in November.
< strong> DATE cAMP
'Thematic Youth camps of the'History'in Manisa the camp began on November 10 with the participation of 42 male university students . History of the camp , university of science and literature faculties, language and history and geography faculty and trainees in the section on the history of education faculties , 19-29 years of age participated in undergraduate and graduate students at the interval.
Youth on November 17, will last until the camp , 1915 Armenian Relocation and present reflections, Gallipoli War , the Middle East conflict , and Turkey, what should be done about the Middle East ?, Turkish Government and given seminars by accomplished scholars in the field under four headings in the form of relations with Turkey .
Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Chagatai Sword, not only in youth sports ; entrepreneurship , history, science, technology and so on. themes in order to develop themselves in the'Thematic Youth Camps'project said they have implemented .
now in Samsun'Entrepreneurship', Manisa in the'Date'is reminiscent continuing themed camps Minister Cagatay Kilic said:
\"the scientists of the future , businessmen, managers will will provide every opportunity for success of our young . in the different cities with different themes Year will continue the project. in the now ongoing and progressive period in the camps to be held in different themes , an expert in youth , academics and successful businessmen by combining dreams with the future and to contribute to the horizon, we aim to have the belief that they can accomplish many things in later life. scientists of the Future , businessmen, managers will will provide every opportunity for success of our young . \"


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