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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 11:31

Start with the Foundation Ceremony in Edirne Week

Start with the Foundation Ceremony in Edirne Week
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Foundations Week celebrations began with a ceremony in Edirne .

Edirne news: Foundations Week celebrations began with a ceremony in Edirne . Part of the celebrations in Saddler Street march terminated at the Atatürk monument , memorial ceremony in .
Foundations Week, held in Edirne during walking by the Regional Directorate of Foundations Saddler Street carnations were distributed to the public and trades . Ataturk Memorial ceremony at the of silence and the National Anthem after reading Regional Directorate of Foundations by the memorial wreath with the presentation continued.
At a ceremony Foundations Regional Director Osman Guner , the meaning of the day and indicating the importance of a speech . Foundation Regional Director Güneren in his speech , this year's foundation theme of economics stating that, \"a certain goal to achieve economic value expressing a commodity özgülen is the foundation. This definition can be understood from the foundations literally economic structuring refers . However, it should be noted that the foundation, not a field that hand. foundations built mosques, inns, baths , caravanserais , bazaars, waterways, bridges and much more. Essentially foundations and economics for a maximum perceive the city one of the tanesind are . Sultan of the city, Sultan of the cities of Edirne literally a foundation is the city . monumentally piece of our forever until , maintaining secret them in every aspect right from perceiving passes. Foundations General Directorate continued her charity work outside of a major economic institutions as we face the organ has . Foundations our past to continuously produce and to where they are economically established a significant contribution offering structures have been . Edirne give an example, if we , Alipaşa Bazaar, Selimiye bazaar , the bazaar city's commercial potential, the highest neighborhood with Saddler Bazaar on 1st and 2nd Foundations trade Building Rüstempaşa Caravanserai, Sokullu and palace baths economic values ​​immediately next to us are the ones , \"he said .
ceremony of Foundations Manager Osman Güneren as well as Provincial Director of Education Huseyin Ozcan , Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Ahmet Hacıoğlu, Edirne Mufti Emrullah Grapes and citizens attended .

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