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  • 04 Ocak 2013, Cuma 09:41

Start your hair To Be Fashionable This Winter

Start your hair To Be Fashionable This Winter
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to be more attractive than ever this winter, the most important accessory for the hair. When we look at the hair trends of the season, we see the classic elegance is back. Nostalgic weaves, elegant horse tails, fluffy hair with natural-looking loose curls and indispensable of all time.

Rapunzel jealous!

bold and sexy

vintage mystery


to make this winter warmer sweet coffee and Red Prepare your hair with a combination of the application. Red shades of skin color and facial compatible with the way you sarmalayacak you this winter. Bright reds, oranges and copper fire reds of this season's hottest colors. Indicating a perfect fit, especially in fair-skinned red, pastel-colored make-up, coupled with a simple and feminine appearance. Advantage to maintain the brightness of your hair care creams.

yellow tones, has been a favorite for those who want to add an air of always attractive. Yanaysanız a natural attractiveness, this season you can choose the color of your other favorite is the color of honey. Wheat adds an air of feminine skin the color of honey, orange and coffee tones and perfect your makyajınızla.

About the Author: craving Özarpacı various television and advertising
working teams, productions costume. In addition, a freelance writer
and interpreting the articles in the various websites and magazines Özarpacı'nın
published. Özarpacı, as well as accessories designer since 2009
is doing.

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