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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:59

Statement from the Board of HDPE-Fitr Return

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Find HDPE group vice president of Pervin , Idris Balu and Istanbul deputy Sirri Sureyya Onder delegation consisting of HDPE , made ​​a statement after meeting in Kandil .

Ankara news:
hdp'statement made by the committee on October 18 Kandil KCK powers and 7 hours long held a meeting by stating that , \"At the meeting, the solution process and Kopani especially Rojav and the Middle East developments, the National Congress works, the AKP the solution of the process and Kopani protests with the approach Rojav policy were investigated in detail .
mission in Ankara his contacts as a result passed to him roadmap draft CSM authority has submitted . meeting KCK officials, the AKP's about the process of distraction attitude continued , negotiations transition mechanism is still not established themselves in this matter and democratic circles despite all the calls these policies if a change stated . Negotiating the transition in terms of the end of words pointed KCK'lı officials to be taken practical steps towards practical attitudes unfolded , said:'concrete step the formation of the no attitude , our movement and our people will not accept'warned . KCK'lı officials'negotiations transition to the case of the leadership has been initiated and a great devotion today brought about the process so far we have shown sensitive attitude would continue by the public should be known ,'they said . \"Statements took place.
Description continued:< br/> \"Kobani'de YPG and YPJ led growing popular resistance of the Kurdish people and all the peoples of the region in terms of historical consequences as underlined continued KCK officials, the critical period of the people developed serhildans those and the public Kobani'nin interfere with the process of the resistance that gives power to the most important development was the emphasis made . Kobani'nin of the situation then by the people a great sensitivity to follow the extremely vital and said, Rojav revolution through the Kurdish people of all gains to liquidate aimed concept continues that drew attention .
In such a process the Kurdish people in terms of Reach Congress of the importance of re-stresses that occur in KCK green , Reach Congress strengthened in this period of the floor to all Kurdish parties and organizations also urged the sensitivity on this basis . AKP Kopani siege begins from the day Isidor gangs provide support that the international community be detected by the expression, for themselves and sensitive of all circles despite warnings AKP's attitude changed , they said.
KCK officials, the AKP's Kobani'de Kurdish people slaughter under the threat there massacre to prevent a corridor to occur even does not allow , on the contrary, the PKK and Isidor a holding'Kopani dropped will fall'disclosures by public outrage boiling point bring said . This discourse and political solutions to the development of the AKP prevents the public revealed resistance attitude of the AKP these policies all over the world are exhibited stated that .
Kopani protests during the intervention of security forces of the loss of life and that is why , after developing all cases the responsibility of the the AKP government solutions to serve the policies and repressive practices determined that filed a .
Kopani protests after an intensive put into the arrest and detention glut of the AKP's attitude about the idea, stating that KCK'lı authorities by the government put into circuit said to the security of the law of the could never accept stated .
People on the agenda of anti-terrorism laws lifting and the solution of the laws is at a time when the police more powers , giving \"reasonable doubt\"with the concept of all social opposition intimidation aimed laws be necessary if the democratic struggle of our people and democracy by forces stronger in a manner set forth aware that is required in the determination were found .
necessary security law as well as the AKP's solution away from the distraction oriented against all the policies of all democratic circles the fight that you need KCK'lı officials , peace solution in favor of all circles in this context they invited sensitivity . \"

Statement from the Board of HDPE-Fitr Return" comments for.


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