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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 15 Aralık 2013, Pazar 19:06

Statement from the Ministry of Health:

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Ministry of Health, was not found for 3 days in a patient reports that reflect the reality reported.

Ministry of Health, a patient for 3 days was not found reports that reflect the reality reported.
Ministry,"hospital toilet found dead in"about the news in a statement, İzmir Training and Research Hospital, November Bostan (65) from the patient's outpatient After the next day to return home in the direction of information on the subject investigated, indicating that the"patient, 04/12/2013 day receive treatment after hours 14:45 chemotherapy unit exited were identified. A day later the family's application with the cameras scanned calls throughout the day continued. following night In the morning (06.12.2013 on the day at 06.00) hospital in men's room, the security guard off constantly suspect the toilet door forcing open the patient on November Bostan was found dead,"said.
in the media, where the term 'patient' by chance or coincidence chain results for 3 days could not be found 'statements reflect the reality of the highlighted statement, he continued:
"hospital toilets inputs and outputs, patient privacy terms by the cameras are not monitored. Application on the day of camera images reflected on the reasons why this is. event the police and the public prosecutor displaced and, further investigation has been launched by the ministry."

Statement from the Ministry of Health:" comments for.


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