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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 11:15

Statement from the Ministry of Justice of Imprisoned Journalists

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Ministry of Justice, Solidarity with Imprisoned Journalists Platform ( TGDP ) persons detained journalists publish their'44's list of 18 people completed the trial has announced that it is associated with various organizations .

Ministry of Justice, Prisoners Solidarity with Journalists Platform ( TGDP ) they publish'44 people detained journalists'listed in the trial completed 18 people with various organizations associated explained.
The Ministry of Justice detained journalists on the subject in a statement , \"Arrested Journalists Solidarity Platform's ( TGDP ) April 24 , 2014 published in their'44 double imprisoned Journalists'list is analyzed , 2 May 2014 onward; 18 people judging completed and provisions have received . 11th person's trial as a prisoner continues. 14 people at various dates evacuation have been . 1 person is in prisons records were found \"the statement said .
statement, the judge completed 18 people and judge as a prisoner ongoing 11 people associated with the organization that according to , concerning the \"16 people PKK/KCK terrorist organization , up to 6 people DHKP-C terrorist organization , three people MLCP/MK terrorist organization , two people TKP (ML) TIKKO terrorist organization , one person IBDA-C , 1kiş espionage committed the offense and the organization indicated, are associated with \"the statement said .
statement, list the name with a trial completed 18 people provisions taken the actions and remand those 11 people's indictment in the attributed according to regarding the following was recorded:
\"hazardous materials unauthorized possession changing hands , molotov throwing, the official document forgery , the constitutional order to eliminate the attempt , the younger children's organizations, participation in organized to unlicensed firearms ammunition purchasing or carrying or possession (8 people) , Armed terrorist Organization registered (17 people) , Illegal Armed Terrorist Organization Building , Managing/Propaganda Making ( 2 persons) , constitutional order by force change (1 person) , espionage activities included in (1 person) . \"
list mentioned in within 6 ( 3 convicts and three prisoners ) press card', which is owned by specifying the trial is completed and the provisions which received some individuals the provisions of the actions they take while as follows:< br/> \"HD ;
-MLCP to operate on behalf of a terrorist organization and AA from the person that stayed with the cell house different diameter firearms possession ,
-Official document forgery, ( someone else's behalf a false identification use )
-July 31, 2001 day Kadıköy district Kızıltoprak Quarter, Marina Kalamış explosives put
-Eyüp district on January 24, 2003 Rami Dry Food Wholesalers Akbank Artillery Branch located on site armed robbery ,
-17.03.2003 day Maltepe district in the neighborhood of Walnut AK and H. K. The looting of weapons belonging to two persons named ,
MG ;
-DHKP-C Being a member of the organization ,
-Official document forgery, ( using forged identity documents issued to someone else )
-2 April 1992 , Akbank Job Branch of armed robbery ,
-February 18, 1992, the police officer Bulent Ustun and a guard's murder ,
-June 18 , 1992 Eagle Monopoly sales tank bombing ,
-16 October 1991 MP Pendik district building bombing ,
-April 5, 1992, four police officers and armed conflict, wounding and killing actions ,
-March 27, 1991 in Ataköy on a helicopter in the bombing of
-7 April 1992 bombing of the police station Alibeyköy ,
-19 April 1992 Atışalanı Crew Chief for the armed attack ,
E. S;
-TKPML-Tiko PKK being a member of a terrorist organization ,
-21 of March 2000 in the Eagle County Police Department teams with guns open fire ,
-HB View a casino and organizations on behalf of the owner of gunshot wounds extortion ,
FT ;
-PKK Being a member of a terrorist organization ,
-the terrorist organization armed mountain personnel to try to save elaman and in this regard under 18 years of GS organization participation , to organize
-Mus organizations in the instruction and doctrine education in line to coordinate the activities , organizational decisions and instructions on the internet organization members to share and put into practice ,
SA ;
-PKK to make a terrorist organization management ,
-illegal in the actions of the security forces to attack with Molotov ,
-Organizational broadcast , distribute,
Fe ;
-establish an organization to commit a crime , ( MLCP )
-Hazardous substances to be taken without permission ,
-Armed intentionally injure,
-Housing violates the immunity ,
-to make the person deprived of liberty , < br/>-damaging property through the use of explosives ,
-damaging public property ,
-Official document forgery,
-set up an organization to commit the crime , ( MLCP )
-Hazardous substances to be taken without permission ,
-Armed intentionally injure,
-Housing violates immunity ,
-to deprivation of liberty ,
-through the use of explosives damaging property,
-damaging public property ,
-Official document forgery,
-unauthorized possession of dangerous substances , extension and change of hands ,
-Armed being a member of a terrorist organization ,
-attempting to change the constitutional order by force and establishing organizations for this purpose ,
-Police attack ,
-Armed terrorist organization become a member ,
-four separate armed to act on different dates ,
-Armed be a member of a terrorist organization ,
-Armed be a member of a terrorist organization and management of the organization make
-Illegal actions to manage. \"

Statement from the Ministry of Justice of Imprisoned Journalists" comments for.


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