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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:51

Steel exports was 10 billion 110 million dollars

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Turkey's steel exports in January-September period, a decrease of 3.3 per cent per year was 10 billion 110 million dollars .

İstanbul news:
described by Steel Exporters'Association in 2014 January-September period, according to data ; Turkey's steel exports in terms of value decrease of 3.3 percent compared to the same period last year to 10 billion 110 million dollars , with a decline of 4.5 percent in terms of volume was 13.3 million tons .
Exports of the steel sector , other union activities within the field of iron and steel products when added to the total in Turkey's steel exports in nine months ; on the basis of the amount of 14 million tons ; reached $ 12 billion in value .
the third quarter, when examined on the basis of data ; Despite the 22 percent decrease in the amount of leadership 4 million 583 thousand tons of exports to the Middle East has seen continued . These regions , respectively, of 2 million 319 thousand tons EU , 1 million 801 thousand tons in North America and 1 million 499 thousand tons North African countries followed.
Steel sector in January-September period, export most of the three countries , respectively , 1 million USD 496 thousand tons , 1 million 286 thousand tons and 1 million 18 thousand tons of Iraq was the United Arab Emirates . During this period, the country experienced an increase in the maximum amount of USA, UK, Morocco , Israel and the marshalling of Canada ; maximum decrease Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Italy, Libya, and have lived in Portugal .
nine-month period by the most exported products ; 5 million 760 thousand tons of construction steel , 1 million 436 thousand tons of pipes , profiles of 1 million 368 thousand tons and 242 thousand tons of flat hot amounted to 1 million .
According to the Steel Exporters'Association ; 2014 September exports last year's same month compared with the value of 7 percent to 1 billion 89 million dollars , amount of 8 percent with an increase of 1.4 million tons was realized .
Steel Exporters'Association Chairman Namik Ekinci steel industry export data related to the third quarter in his assessment ; \"Our sector of 2014 nine-month period compared to last year in terms of volume by 4.5 percent in terms of value the 3.3 percent decline completed. This decline causes ; important export markets in some of our the political volatility , others we fight anti-dumping and protection measure inquiry with our explanation is possible. But here an important point to draw your attention I want . Sector our representatives selfless and tireless efforts and as a result , especially in August and September in the country's steel exports plus the numbers we had. Consequently, the first half compared to the third quarter, the rate of decline we also have reduced . Yet our exports more important losses we should not live in foreign trade , illimitable , world steel production 50 percent meets and 80 million tons of steel exported China's status and attitudes carefully to observe is required. China's unruly trade approach ; sector's foreign trade on the negativity may cause . For this, in this way , foreign trade continued against countries and sectors as well as the relevant public penny of our take measures is essential , \"he said .
Namik Ekinci, \"Exporting our data , particularly regional Considered sector's most important market, located between Iraq and Saudi Arabia in the last losses in the period in which we live is remarkable. However, our exports , particularly in Iraq in September, we observe the tendency of recovery . Despite all the negativity in the Middle East region , our exports in the third quarter of the year has maintained its leadership . We live in this region, losses in North America and with our exports to European Union countries are covered. As a result of the increase in recent months , especially taking into account the 17.5 million tonnes entering the final quarter of year-end I would say that we reached our goal , \"he said.

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