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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:33

Steel Staff was President of the Bayramlaşma

Steel Staff was President of the Bayramlaşma
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Princes Mayor Omar Faruk Celik, Eid al-Adha holy so early was met with municipal employees .

Manisa news: President
Steel , My Cleaning Worksite eget first met with the municipal cleaning staff . Held at 6:30 o'clock in the morning during a visit by Vice Kotlu nation , Solomon Shepherd , and Ahmet Cakir Jülide Songü also were present. Cleaning workers before the fourth number of public transportation vehicles waiting at the point of driver bayramlaşan President of Steel, cleaning workers for his speech , \"all of you the Greater Eid heart with my feelings , I congratulate . Allah taste in the mouth , with health , happiness a nice festive spending you , we and all fellowman , the whole Islamic world is destined to bless . March 30 after a new understanding of municipality begins had said. many years in municipalities holy occur about the president's room officers income , good holidays compiles expenses. But we municipal services the municipal building our officers in our not only offer you , we park, garden, construction cleaning services, security, municipal police whatever about 600 people with a core family. Here therefore our city cleaning , Shahzad befitting that makes you valuable buddies holy person to bring the've come . God willing after this will be like . these brothers according to science in their work an engineer , cleaning services professionals a there is no difference between the sweep . We are all human , we all would like to perform a task , and we fulfill our duties to our people in the best way , our homeland , our state , our nation would have paid download on our debt . I thank you very much . \"He said .
Steel Chairman then cleaning workers were holy cities one by one . Bayramlaşma ceremony continued with civil servants and workers in the presidential office .


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