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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 16 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:46

Steppe:\"Just to focus on Kobani'nin Single Mosquito Kill As One \"

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Photo arrived in Brussels for talks with EU Minister and Chief Negotiator volcano steppe , to the Members of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee in his appeal , \"Just focus on Kobani'nin individual is like killing mosquitoes ,\"he said .

Brüksel news:
Foreign Relations Committee addressed the Steppe , Turkey's EU membership regarding \"a new European Union strategy we have developed . Here three terms there . , the first requirement of political reforms and Turkey, of course, political reform priority to know . second requirement of the EU adaptation. third requirement of the communication strategy . these strategies and the image of the EU in Turkey to repair the image of Turkey in the EU based , \"he said .
Isidor also spoke about the Kobani'nin its attacks on the Steppe, \"Just focus on Kobani'nin single kill mosquitoes like . a mosquito more mosquitoes forms . that's why our goal this swamp to dry . Kobani'de people threatened their lives to recover would like to run . We opened our doors the first day and 138 thousand Kobanil came to Turkey , \"he said .
send troops to the region , such as Turkey had no intention of voicing Steppe, \"as we have no intention of sending troops to other countries . this is why we'Come together, let's do it'call. To do this, the decision of the UN Security Council , NATO's decision need . If these decisions are not taken our recommendation is to use non-conventional weapons that are already in Syria, \"he said.
Embassy employees kidnapped in Mosul in statements about the Steppe, \"49 consulates in Mosul Isidor was in the hands of our employees . If Turkey's why you ışid'l relations staff Isidor was in the hands of 49 ? This kind of event you want to get 50 people want to have one person in each country wants to save lives first . Every country makes such agreements and so did we . 49 people saved his life , and this you discuss here can not a secret agreement , \"he said . Finally, the Cyprus issue to talk about Steppe Cyprus for many years due to the problem of some chapters hungry they could not , said:\"We Greeks and Europeans of our friends at the big picture by looking at it benefit're waiting for , \"he said .

Steppe:\"Just to focus on Kobani'nin Single Mosquito Kill As One \"" comments for.


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