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  • 17 Aralık 2013, Salı 16:13

Still Life Metabolic Syndrome Cause

Still Life Metabolic Syndrome Cause
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Tigris Memorial Hospital Associate Professor from the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases.

Diyarbakır news: Tigris Memorial Hospital Associate Professor from the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases. Dr.. Sea Gokalp, gave information about the metabolic syndrome.
of the metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and diabetes leads to the formation apple-type obesity, blood fat ratio of the height, high blood pressure and hidden sugar problems or insulin resistance, such as sugar metabolism disorders coexist, indicating that the Assoc. Dr.. Gökalp, cause these syndromes the most important criteria and which age as a disease characterized obesity incidence gradually increasing, he said.
of the metabolic syndrome, in the abdominal adiposity increases as a result of Insulin resistance is a disease that develops on the basis of describing the Assoc. Dr.. Gökalp, genetic predisposition comes, though, brought a still life of modern city life and high-calorie diet resulted in the emergence of this syndrome is the most significant factors expressed. Assoc. Dr.. Gökalp of the disease, sitting at a desk, irregular feeding, sporting activities, which when under stress from people employed is occurring increasingly threatening public health problem that has become, he said.
of the metabolic syndrome in men between the ages of 60-70, 60 percent, 75 percent that is seen in women Assoc. Dr.. Gökalp,"Advanced age along with the emergence of the disease rate also increases. This situation in Europe and the U.S. data are in line with results showed that metabolic syndrome, all over the world as well as in our country, the frequency of each day is increasing. Turkey 20 years and older population an average of 3 ' t 1 of the fight this disease is known. Metabolic syndrome was diagnosed in patients with normal compared to healthy individuals of cardiovascular diseases 2-4 times, diabetes is 4-6 times higher than is observed. these diseases prevention and early treatment of this aspect of vital is important. metabolic syndrome on the basis of insulin resistance are available. Insulin resistance of the body to secrete insulin, although insulin enter the cell glucose into cells not sustain situation. insulin action is insufficient in these cases in the blood and organs, glucose and fat content increases. Insulin resistance increases of the main factors, genetically, advancing age, sedentary lifestyle, high calorie foods with excessive weight gain, psychosocial stress in women after menopause, consisting of hormonal changes,"he said.
metabolic syndrome in the treatment of the basic approach of the disease existing in the structure of the different risks separately treating the transfer of Assoc. Dr.. Gökalp,"all have in common that causes obesity and related insulin resistance and struggle is essential. Other risks to development of obesity is treated or prevented if the disease can be prevented. Insulin resistance factors that led to the control of a healthy lifestyle adoption of a healthy, nourished, regular exercise, and physician's advice be complied with, can result in successful treatment. regular physical activity, insulin resistance, correcting the sugar, fat and blood pressure control ensures and improves cardiovascular function,"he said.

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