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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:40

Stirred the Yozgat Bozok University Rumors

Stirred the Yozgat Bozok University Rumors
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Yozgat Bozok University Campus in the spread of rumors that a girl was raped yesterday evening mix of university students .

Yozgat news: Photo Yesterday evening Bozoklar University of rumors that a female student was raped on campus among students spread of panic and fear caused . Availability learning Bozok University Rector Dr. Tamer Ucar , kamups area was going to try to convince students that such a thing was unfounded . However, students worked to spread gossip more quickly , especially using social networking sites . Thereupon Bozok University Rector Dr. Tamer Ucar and Yozgat Provincial Police Director Saim Akpinar announced that the actual event by organizing a press conference. Photo Rector flies, especially social networking sites in Bozoklar University campus area by using \"so-called , is a college student that was raped by four people with a lady \"said the spread of gossip, \"This incident because the victim lady's life is threatened alleged suspicion of hospitalization are unfounded unreal. Students at the university were concerned about their lives , that they should take the necessary measures in connection with this subject the university administration the press release in the Bozoklar University campus to sensitize , hiking and sit-in style that they commit acts in preparation \"We get information. We listened to faculty members and our safety directorate students with staff from the demands and requirements and we began working on the solution point , \"he said .
Police Chief Saim Akpinar in Yozgat public as well as students tranquility and 7 days a week in ensuring the trust police duties according to 24 basis he said he was doing. Akpinar, \"Safety in no event rape us and the public prosecutor . This is a complete lie . No application related to the abuse of construction workers. Public buses to take the students on the bus with the baggage room was also noted that there is such a thing , we met with the president today. You Chairman private buses drivers Sebahattin damp, certainly on this issue were taken by bus to suitcases students that this is not true, take those who will make the necessary intervention if they notify the rector and the police headquarters of such cases, the license plate . These issues are fully asparagas rumor. Some malicious students for work if they do not disturb the peace of the university's educational environment in which we never gonna let it , \"he said .


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