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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:28

Stk of'arbitral tribunal in Diyarbakir'Description

Stk of'arbitral tribunal in Diyarbakir'Description
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AK Party Deputy Group Chairman Mahir Ünal yesterday evening \"solution process\"representatives of the coming together of civil society organizations in a meeting organized for Southeast Young Businessmen's Association ( GÜNGİAD ) process-related \"arbitration committee \"drew attention to the need to implement the proposal.

Diyarbakır news: President GÜNGİAD Speaking at the meeting Hakan Akbal , bulunarak in the new proposal , the state wanted to make partnerships and strategic investments in the region. Photo Party two districts yesterday from Diyarbakir to attend the congress of the AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Mahir Ünal , in the evening , non-governmental organizations to about 2 hours , met representatives . Press held closed-door meetings , as well as representatives of civil society organizations , the AK Party Diyarbakır deputies Winners Ensarioğlu , Friday Internally, Mine Lok White, Oya ERONAT and Solomon Hamzaoğulları Food , Agriculture and Livestock Minister Deputy Qutbaddine Desire also attended. Meeting the individual who spoke representatives of civil society organizations , transparency of the more process güngiad the \"wise be converted to binding arbitration of people delegation \"and found in requests such as inclusion of all dynamic .
\" TWO SECRETARIAT BUILDING should be created \"in statements after the meeting GÜNGİAD Photo President Hakan Akbal , said that the events of the meeting dealt mostly 6 to 7 October . Akbal , at the meeting , Deputy Prime Minister came to Diyarbakir recently spouse they offer \"to be converted to binding arbitration of wise people delegation \"claims, stating that they recalled , \"In addition to this committee , two secretariat buildings should be and one consisting of Diyarbakir, the other is Ankara we say that the should be. Akil reduced the number of people committee , should be revised and subject have emphasized the need to enter into the business of direct interlocutor , \"he said .
\" gET COMMON to STATE STRATEGIC INVESTMENT \"Photo of Meeting economy related issues also discussed pointing Akbal , said:Photo \"Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had a statement about the economy recently . economy in'Structural Transformation Action Plan as'.come out of this with the government's monetary policy , the real policy input was doing and I said I this is a very bold step . I also noted that the differences of development between the regions most important thing for this. Also known as 6th in the Incentive Package'strategic investment'I have a title . However, I also found a new proposal for the state and I explained that there must be a common strategic investment of 50 million and above. We stopped again on the GAP project. We also proposed to speed up work to be completed as soon as the completion of that project , but irrigation leg power leg. However, we demand related to strategic investment partnership was the most interesting . \"

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