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  • 12 Aralık 2013, Perşembe 14:17

Strabismus in Solution Botox

Strabismus in Solution Botox
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Many points on the faces of the women they apply in order to flourish, Botox, is used in the treatment of strabismus.

Samsun news: Many points on the faces of the women they apply in order to flourish, Botox, is used in the treatment of strabismus. Dünyagöz
from Samsun Oper. Dr.. Someday is Sönmez, strabismus associated with stroke treated with Botox expressed that the application of general anesthesia in children, said she was done with local anesthesia in adults. Sönmez,"The aesthetic purposes percent in the crease of the lips, eyebrows taken from the area of ​​the body in many parts preferred Botox anymore treatment of eye diseases in the well referenced"he said.
"Botoksla ROBUST Islander undermined"
Oper. Dr.. Birgi Sönmezer normal in the treatment of strabismus shift in the patient's eye is surgically corrected recalled. Depending on the eye muscle paralysis occurring in the treatment of strabismus review stating that a non-functioning of muscles Oper. Dr.. Sönmezer,"For example, sixth nerve palsies electric current go because muscle can not draw and outpatient not take care of. Such patients paralyzed muscles can not be operated. However surgically or botoksla solid muscle weakening the solution to this situation attempts to find out,"he said.
Oper. Dr.. Sönmezer Birgi, to paralyze the muscles that Botox treatment based on the firm said. Outside failed to see the eyes, the inner floating in patients Botox injections with a solid muscular weakening of the noted Mürüvvet TUZUNALP, into the muscle EMG device connected to the needle entered, that the eye movement partly trying to contribute told. Albeit temporarily for a period of review stated that the shift correction Oper. Dr.. Sonmez,"the paralyzed muscle nerve renewed until double vision decreases. This effect is usually about 4 months lasts. Botox lose its effect after the re-done,"he said.
Pregnant Botox in the treatment of strabismus to propose voicing Oper. Dr.. Birgi Sönmezer, the following warnings found :"K as in bleeding may occur. Therefore botoksla treated by ophthalmologists should be done. Additionally eye muscles with Botox droopy eyelid also can lead."

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