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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:06

Straight to Attain City Identity

Straight to Attain City Identity
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Environment and Düzce Municipality jointly organized by the Ministry of Urbanism \"Düzce from your eyes and look at your heart \"Straight road leading up to the motto of the City ID Workshop was held .

Düzce news: Participants from 9 were included views on different topics in the workshop .
At the workshop, participants from both oral and written \"you describe your city which word or symbol , what are the main symbols of your city , what are and how to resolve the most basic environmental problems, on urban regeneration and development policies your bid is a powerful your city, you do the opportunities and threats analysis and weaknesses ? What are your dreams your city about the future \"answers to questions received.
City ID workshop in Düzce date and agriculture identified as the city of Düzce Mayor Mehmet Keles \"To me, a star shining star waiting to be discovered in the region , and in fact if you look at a straight angle from that , \"he said . If the Düzce icon Konuralp drew attention to the need to be the ancient city . Keles stating that not enough words to describe a Photo Düzce , \"I think if you look at the shining star and the fact that an angle of Duzce waiting to be discovered star in this ,\"he said . President Keles, saying Düzce a very beauty of peace somehow embodies \"If you look Düzce on the one hand history you will see that in the city. You will notice that both a beautiful tourist city of Düzce , as well as a serious agricultural town . And seriously in recent years rate the scene of urbanization and increasing population , but a city of Düzce no stage in the urban sprawl , \"he said .
Düzce actually Keles expressing can be described as a city growing with the environment were considered in this aspect of \"you have to grow with the environment I wish to express . Düzce actually Istanbul . actually Düzce in Istanbul. that is a city very seriously add value to the Duzce found that the environment around about 25 million people on-one in the relationship and around expressing serious value for the environment, \"spoke .
Düzce Keles said that one of Turkey's medium-sized cities \"If I want to be remembered how a few tell kalkışsa I Düzce to identify Düzce If you ask for art referred to I would, culture referred to would like , to be referred to by history , I would like Düzce about 5 thousand years ago. Bithynians , therefore, be one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire , however, as the place where the Ottoman period Konuralp Veterans conquest Watch the Akcakoca Veterans conquest of meat, if you examine developing cities , in fact, after the Republic of Turkey was established in recent years, you hit the scale in proportion perhaps Turkey Düzce the city is rapidly advancing . So Düzce 100 years ago, the largest , if not a medium-sized town ölçeğindeyk Turkey today is one of the provinces. And in a city that can be very well integrated with , \"he said .
\"Düzce an icon might consider this a must Konuralp be the ancient city , \"said President Keles, we added to Düzce of Konuralp is among the most important causes of do not integrated with the city of Düzce that he noted. Keles, said:\"There is an ancient theater in Konuralp center. Roman period . There are still historic walls surrounding the city . And there we found a very small example of a Roman bridge in Turkey. Kemer Istanbul Valens Aqueduct , which may perhaps have a history spouses. When these values ​​are uncovered when given its past image will be one of the most beautiful symbol for Düzce , I think. \"
Speech and the final report to be prepared after the assessment is aimed at contributing to the development of the formation of the environment and urban consciousness in society.


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