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  • 10 Mayıs 2013, Cuma 09:57

Street Fashion!

Street Fashion!
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're Looking at on their way to the fashion bloggers wear.

beautiful dress every woman's desire, which is the beginning of the track which of gardırobumuzun watches spend kombinlesek question. Fortunately başvurabileceğimiz fashion sites available when we needed it. However, a matter of individual creativity clothing, so it extends up to the horizon of the source of clothing and personal blogs. We also wanted to keep track of individual creativity in different styles and Turkey bloggers 'What I wore' We took a look at the corners. Here are four different styles of four different Blogger tips:


Spring Evening Invitation

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What do you need

:lace black dress, vintage red coat and high heels asymmetric cut.

as if from the same shades of vibrant red coat standing

photography compliance with lipstick, Mystery Akkan first noticeable feature of style. Let's say that the dress sleeveless ruched detail and back, those who are interested, visit the site more closely examine the dress. Dress jacket is short-term storage of and attention to the bottom of the jacket! Black thin heels, Gizem'in completed elegance. Mystery did not choose, though, you may have noticed this new style will be completed with a handbag. We Gizem'in hair color and face up to the choice of clothes even though half the drops become too liked collected. Mystery, a nice dinner or a night on the invitation will be ready to join a good example of how you have been head to toe.


Plain Dress

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What do you need

:narrow-leg denim, colored coat, high heels, large-framed sunglasses and a warm smile.

zümra Steel, managed to be both sports as well as stylish. Accessories niggling selection, meticulous behaved in the selection of colors that are complementary and compatible with the internal heating hot image emerged. Takdirse kıvırmadığınız away with this outfit pants, even if you carry business meeting. As well as for everyday use, extremely comfortable and stylish combination.


White Dignity

# INSERT (InlineImage, image3)

What do you need:white skirt, white lace shirt, colored denim jacket, a colorful clutch and thin heels.

White, as a harbinger of spring and summer. Now that the summer is to take place at the door cupboards. Small photographs may miss some of the details, so we encourage you to visit the websites we added photos below. Serap Alp, this dress fashion week Mercedes Benz Fashion Week dressed in one of the visits. Vibrant colors and white, with the harmony of parts carried by the spring as well as the font and reflected in all its vibrancy. Careful to walk a white shirt and skirt detail shown in the selection of his clothes. Live in the spring, summer in the door of this year to combine with vibrant colors, white is a good idea for you.

4 Vintage Colorful Glow

# INSERT (InlineImage, image4)

What do you need

:Black waist short skirt, a colorful sweater, colorful jacket, white shirt, colorful bags and ballerina

the original request that you need a little bit of nostalgia, psoriasis Özsoy this
the style reminds me of pretty girls. It looks like from the 70s-style yellow
very compatible with bags and sweater, collar tied ribbons, as well as the skirt
completed all the blacks on. This season with the harmony of pink and yellow jacket
clad in the colors of the rainbow. When you enlarge the photo you will see the shirt
detayındaki collar and sleeve polka dots, çoraplardakilerle highly compatible. You
If you want to take on this season's vibrant colors, contrasting colors kombinlemekten
do not hesitate! But now it's time to get rid of the jacket, so contrasting colors
should choose the piece you wear your bag or clothing.

About the author:Bilgin Aslıhan , The Style Glossy Turkey , including various publications writings bodies contributes .

Street Fashion!" comments for.


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