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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 11:53

Strengthening the Immune System with Winter Months

Strengthening the Immune System with Winter Months
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Denizli State Hospital, Internal Medicine Specialist Dr..

Denizli news: Denizli State Hospital, Internal Medicine Specialist Dr.. Text of Ministers of the cold weather is causing many diseases and for the prevention of disease it is important to strengthen the immune system, he said.
Internal medicine specialist Dr.. Text Minister, stating that the change of seasons in the weakening of the immune system, along with the cold weather experienced a significant increase in the proportion of the disease, he said. Dr.. Minister of cold air by the impact of colds, urinary tract infections, upper and lower respiratory tract diseases emerged, heart and lung disease, hypertension, diabetes, such as existing disease aggravated said.
Human body tired of falling as a result of cold weather-borne viruses of the human body that Dr. spread more quickly. Text"These vitamins intake missing if body resistance we will be low. Enough rest inability, physical or mental body fatigue, enough to sit up, too tired to general breaks our resistance factors. So it's good to relax is important. Immune system is strong enough and balanced nutrition is of great importance. the body against harmful substances and protects against bacteria-fighting vitamin C consumed in cold weather is very important. oranges, lemons, grapefruit, mandarins, such as vitamin C, with a high percentage of fruit body's resistance provides enhanced. Moreover the body of harmful substances to lay the antioxidants are also needed . vitamin E, featuring corn, green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils of the immune system and helps to increase. Also drink plenty of fluids, taking the feet kept warm, crowded avoided and hygiene attention this weather, our health is important to maintain,"he said.
DR. Text Minister, to protect them from disease without a doctor's recommendation, noting that use of vitamin and mineral tablets warned. Dr.. Minister regular and balanced diet and individuals outside the drug vitamin pills need not remain regular nutrition your body needs all the vitamins and minerals can be taken, as well as tablets unconscious use of renal calculi, headache, anemia, nausea diseases such as bring, he said.

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