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  • 01 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 14:50

Stress and IVF

Stress and IVF
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Gynecologists and Obstetricians Oper .

Samsun news: Gynecologists and Obstetricians Oper . Dr. Reverend Mediterranean, in vitro fertilization treatment for the expectant woman is quite stressful and difficult treatment process and said, \"IVF treatment have been selected for the center's conditions , employees and their operation to reduce stress is very important for ,\"he said .
Samsun Medical Park Hospital IVF Unit of the Open . Dr. Reverend Mediterranean \"stress and test-tube baby \"gave information about . Dr. Reverend Mediterranean, \"IVF in the stressful period for granted is the period . Social size of the public away two people who have questions, escaping from their shells are drawn almost . These issues are special for the couples themselves these issues to take care of anyone this topic announce to pay attention . This topic competent referenced to the center of a test-tube baby , of course , until then loaded the negative men and women expect to get positive results in this regard is the point where the center tube baby , \"he said .
Dr. Reverend Mediterranean continued:\"Natural ways normal pregnancy has not been achieved for couples having IVF great hope is the light . Vitro fertilization treatment for the expectant woman is quite stressful and difficult treatment is a process . IVF treatment have been selected for the center's conditions, employees and the functioning of the stress It is very important to reduce . \"
Oper . Dr. Reverend Mediterranean finished by saying:\"The negative result , stress is a factor in was stress entered her negative consequences sub-thoughts is not true. During treatment drugs already in your body which warn if any healthy eggs for achieving are treatments . Course, where the correct expression , stress repellent professional who test-tube baby sound knowledge and experience of the team will give the patient passes through . providing accurate information of a doctor, a team providing ongoing support , soothing the baby in the center of the tube is a constant priority . \"

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