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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:59

Structural Properties of Meskhetian Turks in exile from the homeland 70th Anniversary of the Play

Structural Properties of Meskhetian Turks in exile from the homeland 70th Anniversary of the Play
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Bursa Inegol district , Meskhetian Turks were organized walk the 70th anniversary of the glossing of the country.

Bursa news: Photo Meskhetian Turks in numerous silent march organized by the Culture and Solidarity Association joined the Meskhetian Turks. A walk starting from the front Inegöl Municipality participants with Turkish flags in their hands'strong , big Turkey , come with Meskhetian Turks','a million Meskhetian Turks is still in exile','Identity and would like permission to work'banners carried . Thousands of people attended the ended march Atatürk Monument in front . Photo AK Party Istanbul deputy Hüseyin Şahin , deputy mayors Alper base and Gülhan Sahin, the AK Party , SP, MHP district heads , Meskhetian Turks Associations Federation Chairman Osman Çelik and the president of the association bulunulup numerous end of the walk where citizens participated in silence in front of the Atatürk Memorial, the national Anthem was sung. Photo Inegöl Meskhetian Turks Culture and Solidarity Association Chairman Mehmet Tas, \"70 years ago to tell we are exposed to exile and the difficulties in which we live and that to talk of the painful days we collected . on the other side of the border with Akhaltsikhe in 1829 Edirne treaty with the Ottoman Empire that began the ordeal ending of the Meskhetian Turks by staying in Russia. Ahıskalı on the grounds that they pose a threat at the border in 1944 were deported to Central Asia. in challenging journey, with no warm clothes on them people , cold air , stand tough road conditions due to starvation and disease lost their lives. 17 thousand Ahıskalı died without finding them a new home. Each station , soldiers, forced the funeral of the deceased is close to the people's hands and he leaves the field covered with snow in Russia. At each stop we say we say soldiers searching cars and throwing exacting funeral they find . Then seriously ill in the wagon began to leave the station from the dead. Surviving in this challenging journey in our Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and placed them in various regions of Russia , such as Kyrgyzstan. We Ahıskalı those sentenced to exile for the second time in 1989 because of the events in the Ferghana Valley, Central Asia, Russia, and again we were dispersed to different countries. In the country we live in times of heightened ethnic and religious conflicts , we had always crushed and the occasional stay as stateless people , \"he said .
A Ahıskalı , be able to work like a normal CITIZENS
Mehmet stating that they fought for many years to return to their homeland Stone, \"after Stalin's death in 1956, we Chechens who were sentenced to exile like , Ingush and Kurds were allowed to return to their homeland , the Soviet government did not allow the return of Ahıskalı . Almost 400 years in Ottoman lands'Ottoman'living in the border deprived of rights possessed by citizens of the Republic of Turkey on the other hand to remain in the Meskhetian Turks were indifferent to the country for many years . The issue of Turkey to the needy Meskhetian Turks as soon as possible needs to produce concrete and permanent remedies . We do not want a lot of our state. Citizenship, in addition to our requests, such as retirement , our biggest problem is the work permit. A Ahıskalı be able to operate as a normal citizen , should be social security. The granting of a work permit is not meant to solve the majority of our oak , \"he said . The AK Party Istanbul deputy Huseyin Sahin Photo , \"Parliament-Turkey Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group, I am the President of Georgia . Just last week we were in council official visit to Tbilisi and Batumi, along with our president. 3 day trip to the convenience Meskhetian issue we talked about the return of Turkey . Georgian government was party to it and declared that it would adhere to the council decision. It closely follows the Republic of Turkey . I'm trying to keep it on the agenda. If they want to return to their homeland Meskhetian Turks , facilitating them , the return of citizenship, the old land , the Republic of Turkey is the only guarantee for the restitution of their property . And should be given the right to citizenship of Ahıskalı . However, issues of citizenship under several provisions in international relations . Not an easy matter can handle . I know that from time to time given citizenship . I also know that at the end of 2010 or be in 2011 . In this regard, we are doing our very high pressure also çıkarmasak voice in our own government . I want it to be known that way. Citizenship of Ahıskalı is halal as the main milk flow is blessed , should be given. I also believe it and I am addressing here. But international agreements and we us to remove that barriers exceeds one of the international legislation , \"he said . Photo Zülbi to Şahmuradov After the speeches'​​Ahıskalı I', Dr. Hasan is Türkmenoğlu'Meskhetian Turks of Turkey'poem read.


Structural Properties of Meskhetian Turks in exile from the homeland 70th Anniversary of the Play" comments for.


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