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  • 12 Mayıs 2013, Pazar 13:22

Student, teacher and businessman who lived with enjoy reading a book

Student, teacher and businessman who lived with enjoy reading a book
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Organized by the Provincial National Education Directorate of Educational Institutions '5 Kılıçaslan. National 100 Basic Author Book Reading Contest held in Kayseri thousand 141 students attended.

competition, students, teachers and businessmen joined together. Businessman Haci, 122 books read in a year, he said. Boyd, encouraged everyone to read books. Despite the ongoing barrage of sight reading books iremsu Balci took everyone's applause. Balci, despite the loss of 70 percent of the vision lens, read books, and participated in the contest. Despite the competition, participating in Eskişehir prosthetic leg determination Adıgüzel Jacob received great applause until the iremsu Balci. Both awards were given to the student honor and perseverance.

601 schools in the province of Kayseri for the contest from 65 thousand 141 middle school and high school students on the Kılıçaslan Kılıçaslan Educational Foundations and High Schools met Yelkenoğlu. Students declared exam halls in recent months with 10 100 question correctly directed to answer questions about the book, the sweat poured. Silk advisors during the exam, the Rector of the University. Dr. By Ali Fuat Bilkan '17 'th Century Poet Nâbî Wisdom' is a conference on.

two-hour exam to be announced after the winning students and awarding ceremony for the Kılıçaslan High School is a school yard. Team Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Janissary Band concert Kılıçaslan Educational Institutions from the podium after the General Manager Ali Koksal, reading a book in Turkey in order to launch a campaign on the road as they said they received a very large distance. Koksal of 3 years, 5 years, including 8 years in a national contest held meeting them within the scope of this book to help until they are close to 100 thousand students and more than 8000 students and 4 teachers for this competition in Kayseri ağırladıklarının underlined.

OBSTACLES did not stop reading books

Award-winning students and their advisors 22 thousand pounds prize money, medals and plaques are given, Boyd Holding chairman of the participants by Haci where gifts were presented to all of the books in. Incentive award at the ceremony, 44 secondary and high school students, 10 bronze, 4 silver and 2 was awarded the gold medal with a total of 60 students. Although 70 per cent of vision loss by reading the books a special lens Disaster believe Ankara Middle School students participating in the competition and prosthetic leg iremsu Balci Jacob Adıgüzel from Eskisehir to this contest and perseverance medal of honor given by the Boyd Group Chairman Haci . This second stage by inviting the students participating in the ceremony was moved as nearly 2000 people.


Haci Businessman in his speech,"We all need education and reading, do not say do not have time , until 2005, very few books I was reading, was very impressed with our own factory, my staff and I started to read what has been said during a training aldırdığım. 122 books a thousand finished 38th last year, the number of pages. university exam also won the love of reading and 3rd grade I pass these days."she said.


Kılıçaslan Educational Institutions Holding General Manager Ali Koksal Boyd Chairman of the Board for their contribution to the organization by the educator-author of Hacı Boydak'a Şemsettin Journalist Lily Silk and plaques were presented to the University of Yapar'a.

Great vibe, the scene of the contest"secondary school"category, while one in Turkey Rize Special Salih Kalkavan Beekeeper feyzanur Middle School, high schools in the Kayseri Göğebakan Nuh Mehmet Emre Anatolian High School, won first Küçükçalık.

the competition's most successful schools were listed as follows according to the total score. Dortyol first in Turkey Mehmet Akif Secondary Schools Secondary School, Secondary School from Rize Şahika Kalkavan third Soma Special Union Middle School, Fourth Dr. Karaman. Faruk Sükan Secondary School, 80 fifth Yerköy Year Secondary School, Middle School sixth Mersin Kızılbağ.

Nuh Mehmet Küçükçalık Kayseri Anatolian High School in the category of first, second Erzurum Special Aziziye High Schools, Private Nurettin rich Anatolian High School in the third Hatay, Gaziantep Sunguroğlu Science High School, the fourth, fifth Aydin School of Social Sciences, Science High School sixth Kadirli.

The winning students and their schools by the guests were presented with medals and awards.

Student, teacher and businessman who lived with enjoy reading a book" comments for.


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