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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:35

Students Benefit Animals Sells Their Cookies

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Büyükçekmece German Foundation for Culture and Education Private Schools High School students , Halloween in the income obtained by selling self-made cookies , Büyükçekmece Stray Animal Care , Treatment and Rehabilitation Center has been spared .

İstanbul news: Photo German High School Cultural and Educational Foundation Private Schools ( ALKEV ) sample preparation and 9th grade students scored a social responsibility project. Care of stray animals , treatment, and student organizers of the campaign to help the rehabilitation of their income by selling cookies they prepare their own school Büyükçekmece Stray Animal Care , were donated to the Treatment and Rehabilitation Center. The building's life
City , can live area of living this need of shelter due yetersizleştiril the some of the students pointed out that the paramount importance of meeting Büyükçekmece Stray Animal Care , visited the Treatment and Rehabilitation Center. Photo sTUDENTS oFFICIALS from dATA RECEIVED Wormwood students the information from the Photo Shelter officials Sözdolap , then said to reporters , the estimate at the shelter as more animals, well said that the treatment and rehabilitation requirements. Photo shelter officials from the Veterinary Technician Gülhan Sadıkoğlu , German High School Cultural and Educational Foundation Private Schools donate to the shelter with many similar campaign to student aid campaign made , he said . In continuation of its social responsibility significantly increased that speech Sadıkoğlu underlines used the following expressions:Photo \"Children are helping our animal shelters in their own facilities. Visits to the shelter is happening too often. Especially kindergarten , too much small groups from nursery . In middle school and high school in the mid-season coming groups. Significant social awareness has increased in . People, especially to help the children and youth of the animal is very nice. All children are aware of it . \"Photo Gülhan Sadıkoğlu , shelter to the extent that hand given the weather conditions , adding that they kept open to visitors.

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