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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 09:57

Students Classroom Support

Students Classroom Support
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Bitlis Güroymak Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation support was provided to the students by classroom.

Bitlis news: Bitlis Güroymak Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation to students by classroom support was provided.
Güroymak Discussion of Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation (SYDV); district centers, towns and villages connected in a good financial situation and non-classroom can not go to successful student classroom fees lives. SBS, which will be YGS and LYS poor and pays for a successful classroom by some students attending the school in providing Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation, so more students to be successful in the course and exam targets. Purpose of the county financial situation is not good and classrooms can not go to successful students in terms of training support, indicating that the Governor Cagle Rock, so the research results to classroom sent students to some of the costs by SYDV met, he said. In the county educational achievement to increase their utmost effort recording what Governor Rock,"On this occasion, SBS, YGS and LYS, which will be our students free classroom sent to has been provided. Students Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation's financial situation is sufficient knowledge was determined by taking . This way, students who are successful, but not over the financial situation, classroom training by going to their lives and interests in education, I believe that higher levels of success,"he said.

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