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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:39

Students were mobilized to Mardin Orphans

Students were mobilized to Mardin Orphans
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Human Rights and Freedoms ( IHH) Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which was launched for the orphans'living classrooms Goodness'campaign was launched in the green district of Mardin .

Mardin news: Photo of green Makbule Iron Middle School District Governor campaign began Elif Can Tuncer Ersšz as well as District Director of the National Slope Turhan Hakioğl and joined the National Education Branch Manager Mehmet Salih Aslan . Founded in first class by throwing money into the piggy bank campaign to support the Governor Ersöz such an important social activity started school administrators , teachers and students were congratulated by celebrating . Visiting each of 10 separate classes in the school , here in the availability of grants to the piggy bank , asking students'opinions about the campaign Governor Ersšz , students could not hide his astonishment at the sight of the sensitivity of the campaign. The campaign started and also Makbule Iron Secondary School Mardin also acted as the administrator of orphans Unit President Abdurrahman Ceylan, informed the Governor Ersšz about the campaign. Photo Governor Ersšz , \"green is the smart and also helpful students before orphans and then the green of our district , Mardin and our course will also entertain the world . motto for the rest of the green foot of this campaign ,'If orphan rose rose in green , if the green rose world laughs'll be . Hopefully in our orphan with our green , our world will laugh . this beautiful and meaningful our lives that add executives with labor campaign Abdurrahman all school administrators , our valuable support in Ceylan's party , I congratulate the teachers and students. by spreading our campaign our hope other schools , the earth will continue to be instrumental to smile on the faces of orphans , \"he said . Photo Yeşilli Governor Elif Can Tuncer Ersšz behalf of all orphans due to the sensitivity of the campaign while thanking them Ceylan, \"and today we have launched the campaign in Mardin Yeşilli we continue in our district ; There is now an orphan each class of our brother . Our classes are competing with each other in goodness . Our campaign was traced back to the university with even recent study from kindergarten to high school degree . On a voluntary basis could adopt an orphan students in our school. How will this help our orphans they have not reached ? But we believe that God is the guarantor of everyone's livelihood . As far as we hope we will try to deliver aid to these people. If you look to see where in the world today is that the blood settles Muslim geography geography. It also shows us that, in our ever more unity and a sense of togetherness that we need to look in to the issue demonstrates once more. We have our task in our Islamic geography as Ottoman grandchildren, stance , maybe we need to revise once more , \"he said . Photo Mardin and its own responsibility in all district teachers and parents Ceylan are invited to support the project , the monthly maintenance every orphan reminded the knowledge that 90 pounds to undertake . established under Photo Campaigns throwing money into the piggy bank support Makbule Iron Secondary School 7/B class students Fatma Osma, \"Today we have a class unity, we are brothers and sisters to an orphan. Our large orphan support was also our brother . I hope this campaign will strengthen our brotherhood as more support , \"he said .


Students were mobilized to Mardin Orphans" comments for.


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