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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 15:20

Studies of the Municipality of Yakutia Snow

Studies of the Municipality of Yakutia Snow
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Yakutia Municipality, is working on snow-fighting.

Erzurum news: Yakutia Municipality, is working on snow-fighting. Municipal Science Works teams, consisting of street district boundaries in 1600 to work in the snow continues without a break. Mayor Ali Korkut, 96 districts and 600 thousand on the street during the winter repetitive work drawing attention to the"In the winter months the municipality's job almost snow to linger. This year the snow rained a lot. Hopefully summer abundance are reflected. Then municipal burden forget,"he said.
Yakutia Council of Scientific Affairs team, profits will continue uninterrupted struggle. 96 neighborhoods, 61 streets and 600 streets with thousands of Yakutia County snow during the winter months of serious effort and resources to combat said. Municipal authorities, the weight of old neighborhoods formed, narrow dead-end street and have stated that hamper the fight against the snow. Mayor Ali Korkut, profit work caused a serious waste of effort and resources, he says. Korkut,"This year the snow earlier and more aggressive rained. Crew our snow-fighting intervals continues. Streets collected from the profits of 20-25 kilometers away outside the city areas are crumbling. These cost increases. However, serve our people at the point of these costs, of course we do not see,"he said.
In addition, abdominal blessings pointed out that Ali Korkut, heavy snowfall in the summer of abundance would bring stating"I hope the snow, as abundance to our farmers returned. us, we spend effort and money we forget"he said.

Studies of the Municipality of Yakutia Snow" comments for.


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