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  • 30 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 11:00

Subscribe Infant Hearing Screening Alert to the first month

Subscribe Infant Hearing Screening Alert to the first month
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Mersin news: Prof. Dr.. Murat Ünal, the first month of newborn children hearing screening must be made stating that,"Because the brain sounds about 1.5-2 years to ripen. An audio format does not go to the brain, brain here the closing and subsequent interventions negative consequences is giving,"he said.
hearing loss and the bionic ear about the UAV reporter said on the Mersin University (MEI), Faculty of Medicine, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Diseases Department Chairman Murat Ünal the newborn period, children's hearing of what happened is important, he said. Because hearing loss with children born later the society were excluded from both the educational and social environment deprived of stating Unal,"In fact, this important is a societal problem. Turkey also are common. This be viewed as causes of consanguineous marriages, frequent births and appropriate environments Failure to children 1.5 pounds below the native-born, premature birth, newborn jaundice, which we call the disease takes a long time during pregnancy the mother's certain infections killing the child's birth a long time during anoxia, your mom's a smoking in children can cause deafness,"he said.

the last 3-4 years in Turkey carried out a program of hearing screening of newborns in the hospital, underlines Unal made"Especially the first month of newborn children hearing screening indicators. these hospitals compulsory anyway, but at home the children born to hospitals brought screened should be capitalized. Just a few minutes of operation the child's hearing status can learn. because this scan of the child does not hear dictates that we follow up immediately're getting. This deafness together in some children with other genetic and syndromic diseases can be. If intelligence as appropriate, the family structure, if appropriate, these children primarily a hearing rehabilitation center to be evaluated people are being. This hearing rehabilitation evaluations, the child's hearing loss is not the family's overall status, socioeconomic status, the child's intelligence, family out of this approach is crucial. families to adopt it, the child's education and maintenance of the device needs to have the capacity to deal with,"he said.
1 0.5 to 2 years of age until the voices in your brain matures stressed that Unal, said continued :"B O to us sounds we need to send. an audio format does not go to the brain, brain here the closing and subsequent performed all interventions negative result gives . Whatever you do, that point turn is not possible. Its here for early diagnosis and treatment is very important is happening. because the brain during development it sounds supposed to receive. Devices two kinds happening. If these kids ever heard not so in the tests complete deafness arises if these children normal standard hearing aid sound to be heard is not possible. These bionic ear we call the inner ear placed special devices should be used on them as well as financially quite expensive and needs surgery. A child part could not hear. these children classical hearing aids are tested. first one, 5-2 years call but first up to 5 years never heard of children these devices need to be installed. Consequently bionic ear at a certain age needs to be done, the diagnosis should be, and with the family of the decision taken, and should be applied process. Turkey's annual bionic ear needs three thousand-5 thousand changing between. these devices associated with overall SSI whole is paying."
"you do not hear can not talk"
Her mom and dad do their children in this regard hospital who asked you to Unal,"Because of the state in this regard support. Especially bionic ear devices, the average price of 20 thousand dollars. therefore quite an expensive thing. However, the state reported it after the completion of lives. actually bionic ear plugs kids like us can not hear. inserted just do not like us to be heard like us, talk suggests. one thing you do not hear can not talk. Surely your speech is disrupted. Therefore, to talk at first, should hear. So the children, bionic ear is inserted as we speak will. because the brain this all sounds introduced are required. these then a busy private education may be possible. bionic ear, the highest level of speech, but a small child can be provided. He is also a children talk on the phone if so you are talking to does not see, lip reading can speak it a huge success is considered,"he said.
Unal, bionic ear surgery so far in Mersin not made but in 2014 the first half of MEI Faculty of Medicine surgeries will begin, said:"Before this in Mersin our patients Adana, Ankara and Istanbul, this surgery would become. then Mersin will be able to. Hopefully our patients will not go out"he said.

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