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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:14

Substance Abuse Panel for Students from Apple Myo

Substance Abuse Panel for Students from Apple Myo
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Mediterranean University ( AU) and Apple Vocational School District for students in cooperation with the Police Department, \"Substance Abuse , Loss , prevention, treatment and Legal Process\"held a panel discussion .

Antalya news: Photo Panel Mediterranean University ( AU) Alcohol and Drug Research and Application Center ( AMBAU ) Director Prof. Murat Kuloğlu, Turkey from Drug Addiction Monitoring Centre (TUBIM) Police Officer Gülşah Dincer and joined Necla knowledgeable lawyer practicing in Antalya . The first speaker of the Photo Panel AMBAU Director Prof. Kuloğlu old as the history of mankind is based on the use of drugs , due to the high return recalled that in the 19th century led to war between China and Britain. Kuloğlu addictive substances , \"disrupts a person's mental and physical balance by affecting the central nervous system when used, causing addiction , personal, social , economic , and social collapse forming agent\"as defined . That increasing the Photo addictive substance use in Turkey indicating Kuloğlu, \"addiction, and wonder'is not something than once'he begins by . you can control the use of the vast majority of addicts but never thought it might be dependent . this dependence issues , medical , legal, social and security dimensions, which is an issue. dependence of the reasons , factor depending on the group of friends , parents dependent factors , person-dependent factors , biological factors , social, can be classified as cultural and social factors . \"The 90 percent of Photo addicted that hepatitis disease , said recently, AIDS also found who Kuloğlu, combat is not the individual , said it was possible the organization's overall preventive action. Photo TUBİM representative Gülşah Dincer is dependent on that person by underlining that people who have been enslaved to drugs used to begin his speech at the drug substances , drugs ( depressants ) , stimulants ( stimulants ) and can be classified as hallucinogens , and they also noted that natural and synthetic as found in the market. Drug of health in terms of disadvantages of exemplifying Dincer, \"Lately most needed and cannabinoid known as the bonzai between popularly known fact since 2007 . Especially move in the press unconsciously advertising nature after 2010 , which led to widespread. Bonzai is a synthetic substances and is more dangerous than 10-fold cannabis. think people would die that use it and die with consequent heart attack. it increases the risk of cannabis lung cancer taken together with tobacco . the weakening of the brain's function . can cause the death of the person with heroin one or two attempts. causes AIDS and hepatitis infection . Cocaine makes it dependent on the single use. the melt the nasal bone . Extacy cause great damage to the brain , \"he said. after Dincer pointed out that lead to death 8-10 years of
Drug Lawyer Necla knowledgeable also told the legal process of students with substance abuse .


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