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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 20:19

Subtleties of the motorcycle from flourishing Motorcycle Club

Subtleties of the motorcycle from flourishing Motorcycle Club
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Flourishing is hosted by the Municipality ; Art flourishing Motorcycle Club , organized jointly with my motoakade good for anyone who wants to drive a motorcycle , Motorcycle Road Art describing the system ; security , visibility, position , cornering , braking, overtaking , issues such as urban driving , Power Point presentations are processed with advanced driving techniques Karim Yahya Onart basic training was held at the Cultural Center .

İzmir news:
Mayor Dr. Voice of the horizon Bayındır Motorcycle Club members also attended the training and İzmir Motor Club and motorcycle enthusiasts around 200 people from neighboring districts attended. Deputy Chairman Mehmet Dulgeroglu flourishing Motorcycle Club ; members of the club as a safe and proper driving techniques learning and training for the performance of such an organization had conducted in the future, more extensive training and publicity to said they would continue this training hosts and support the flourishing Mayor dr.ufuk Voice thanked .
flourishing Voice dr.ufuk the Mayor ; \"Motorcycle in our county the most widely used one of the tools and the young of our attention. Flourishing Motorcycle Club , our safe and proper driving techniques and our young exemplary , brotherhood, friendship beyond the family means to be a successful player in our community . Our family also flourishing . Families examples of our members from the flourishing Motorcycle Club'Thank you for this tutorial . club's future in the organization will give every kind of support . \"he said.

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