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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:19

Successful Business Women was honored by a plaque

Successful Business Women was honored by a plaque
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Mersin Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, women constitute 50 per cent of Turkey's population employment rate is at 30 percent, said:"Total female employment rate of women in half of our population does not exist.

Mersin news: Mersin Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu of Turkey's population accounted for 50 percent of the women employment rate in the 30 percent stating that,"The total female population, half of the rate of female employment does not exist. Republic of Turkey on the future of women so few percentage representation will be considered not a case"he said.
Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), the Provincial Council of Women Entrepreneurs"by the functioning Lights :60 Y Above exceed Successful Business Women"themed plaque ceremony was held. Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber (MTSO) performed and the Governor Güzeloğlu'nun also attended the ceremony, each in their own field and success in the 11 business woman plaque was given.
Nevit Kodallı Adult Choir music concert began with Speaking at the ceremony MTSO Women Entrepreneurs Council Chief Executive Ayla Harbor program, the main theme of the business and social life, working and producing the hand of the batter into the business life of women who expressed that, a plaque will be given 11 working women's life stories told.
MTSO Chairman Şerafettin Aşut the women and the rise in every area of ​​Mersin in Turkey for both emphasized that they were indispensable. Every obstacle, every disadvantage, all negative discrimination despite women these gains be pleased to see that expressed Aşut women's right training and the right infrastructure and economy to be integrated if they are real development can not be achieved underlined. Aşut,"Entrepreneur of women rate of only 6 percent of working women, our population, our ratio is only 25 percent mean terms of entrepreneurship of women in our population of 46 percent, overall employment in the sense that the 25 percent we're wasting. These rates can not be accepted. Women and should produce entrepreneurs should be in social life should be, saying,"In this sense, the public and local governments more supportive wanted to give.
Güzeloğlu Governor of the women in the community equilibrium rate job moved on to life, he said. Turkey's female labor rate far behind, pointed out that the Güzeloğlu,"50 percent women with our population between the female employment rate in the 30 percent. So the total female population, half of the proportion of women in employment, no. Great leader Atatürk and his friends with saint martyrs entrust us Republic of Turkey on the future of women so few percentage representation will be considered not the case,"he said.
societies, the name of development of all the powers most efficiently when they use on target indicate a Güzeloğlu,"Today, perhaps in the public domain very successful women managers have and hopefully within a short time, perhaps after me Mersin Governor of a woman as governor to work together with you will have the opportunity. joint work exhibited and in a stable manner path should be taken. female entrepreneurs in Mersin these beliefs very nice work continues with"he said.
Awarded women entrepreneurs, successful life with stories of heroes qualifies as Güzeloğlu,"Thanks for all and to be there to continue. tireless tirelessly, no matter dating back to that and keep you in all areas, come forward knowing that you can continue working. Young beautiful examples like you will write stories of their lives, taking into account successful,"he said.
After the speeches, the governor Güzeloğlu, Aşut and Harbor gave a plaque with a successful business women.

Successful Business Women was honored by a plaque" comments for.


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