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  • 29 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 21:36

Successful candidates YDS announcement of candidates

Successful candidates YDS announcement of candidates
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Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (SSPC), 1 will be held on Sunday, September Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (YDS), then publish questions

INTERNET YDS from the Fall Semester exam, all of the questions asked in the exams internet over or through the organs of the press release published.

OSYM mission is an important dimension of "to create a transparent institution" access to the candidates after the exam results are in line with the drop-down"answer sheets"will continue to be displayed by the candidates.

exam security is the most important element"Each island is a different question booklet"due to the application of the candidates to the questions to mark answers on the answer sheet to check the monitor and to ensure the exams will be determined by the Board of SSPC randomly selected 10 percent of the test questions to candidates from all of the questions and answer choices Booklets question on the examination of the candidates will be opened.

announced WEB SITE

release of the exam results and answer papers of candidates after they are accessed images, pop-up examination of the candidates questions that make up 10 percent of exam questions, as well as "Essential Question Booklet" under the name OSYM internet site in all public information will be available. OSYM internet site published"Essential Question Booklet" by the organs of the press release , copyright OSYM, without prejudice to any copyright can be used without paying the price.

"Essential Question Booklet" under the name of OSYM internet site outside the published questions and all questions nitelenecek no longer the center of the confidential information in written, visual or auditory as a whole or in part by any means If sharing, sharing about individuals and organizations to start legal proceedings under the relevant legislation.

end of the exam booklets and answer sheets of all the candidates are required to submit exam hall officials.

question exams given to candidates Booklets of the candidate's name on the front of the list of data matrix conjugate prior to the exam candidate polling question booklets and answer sheets pasted into the living room and centrally administered examinations officer is obliged to submit nominations using the candidate's exam booklet in question is not reaching Successful candidates will be considered invalid and will be processed within the scope of Law No. 6114.

Candidates take the exam only personal identification documents (identity card or duration of the current valid passport photo), and will enter the Examination Entrance documents will leave the exam room, and only with personal identification documents. Input documents of the candidates, the question kitapçıklarıyla collected.

Successful candidates YDS announcement of candidates" comments for.


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