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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 14:41

Sufi Music Concert

Sufi Music Concert
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Kütahya Simav'da month of Ramadan part of the activities under the leadership of the municipality after the Taraweeh prayers Sufi Music Concert held at the Republic Square was very likely.

Kütahya news: Kütahya Simav'da month of Ramadan, the scope of activities of the municipality led tarawih prayer and then in Republic Square, organized Sufi Music Concert was very likely.
Citizens chief Volkan Aydin's management Simav'da Music Society Sufi Music Chorus sung by the works pleasure , accompanied him.
Tradesmen consisting of Simav'da Music Society Choir offered by the concert Simav'da Governor Ibrahim Suha Karabörk , the Simav'da Garrison Commander Staff Major Mustafa Akyer, Simav'da Mayor Suleyman Ozkan , protocol, other members of the apartments and school principals, politicians, civil society representatives and citizens attended.
Simav'da the AK Party Mayor Suleyman Ozkan , every day and flourish flourishing cultural and artistic center of the tourist district , said that efforts to do . Ozkan, offers breaking the ring a magnificent concert offering Simav'da Music Society Chorus team and citizens thanked .
Overnight Turkish Sufi art's most distinguished works who sang the chorus, Simavlı their ears rust wiped .

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