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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:37

Sugar-İş President Jesus Sky:

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Turkey Food and Sugar Industry Workers Union President Jesus Sky , said they condemned the attacks against military violence and hatred , \"the account of each rat will be asked to lead ,\"he said .

Ankara news: Photo Turkey Food and Sugar Industry Workers Union President Jesus Sky last week in Hakkari soldiers three killed in Yüksekova'nın blood yet kurumamışk which is two months in Bitlis be hanging from shot to martyr the pole of the temporary village guards who were lost , and finally also showed a strong response to the previous day to be shot and killed by terrorists in Diyarbakır at the beginning of a noncommissioned officer . This heinous made ​​to adopt homeland attacks Underlining that violence and hatred condemn the heavens , he said is not possible to explain the feeling of experiencing the sad statement.
Emphasis on a person's life did not mean to be the greatest crime against humanity Sugar-İş President Jesus Sky , recruit , especially Squeeze a man walking on the street behind the weapon as a civilian , he said it was a state murder are therefore incompatible with humanity . Heavens , \"I ask , I said such attacks and called her my people , democrat I said , I'm in favor of the people said , giving the struggle of a people is also not the greatest treachery that he's done? Every whatsoever throughout history to hit the rear of Turkey all the Western powers using collaborators last play of terrorist organizations and their collaborators politicians of this attack , our military , our police , the lead every treacherous rear squeezed our innocent citizens , this homeland will be asked must account for each dirty trick played on , \"he said .
Republic of Turkey's Ottoman dressage and tolerance without losing , no one ethnic identity , religion , lineage , and pointed out that a state has opened its arms to everyone , regardless of SOPs heaven, he said:Photo \"recently experienced in our country and limit our other events in the future religious beliefs , political attitudes and humanitarian may reveal interesting results for accuracy. especially against traumatic event in the Middle East axis must be very careful in Turkey . Events that occurred recently in our country is the quality of the infrastructure , but only Turkey, up to the events that took place around the historic mission should be to remain silent is a great and powerful country. In particular, Israel's response to the massacre in Palestine and the foremost countries in the world with human sensitivity are insensitive to a country that gave a sense of class to the United States . Barbarously murdered innocent people by opening the border crossing with Syria , a country of refugees came across the steps taken for the solution process in Turkey, the slaughter of unarmed people shot behind the ambush and only if we can reconcile with the cognitive problems of the mind. Democracy hazmedeme by blood feeding employees demonstrate that they stick to this game show with Turkey under the ABA , are threatening to divide our country remove rebellion. Unarmed our troops massacred these brainless minds day in the future will experience the same akıbetle . \"Photo martyr News in Turkey , terrorism and explosions are now pointed out that there's a process that goes down to the news search of the headlines heavens , intimidation , one of its terrorist's main purpose , intimidation , inerting and he claimed he could bring along to kanıksat . Sky, \"Indeed, we are faced with a community fire engineering studies that have attempted to embrace the pain of a nation does not fall from their surroundings. Although no longer matter to the revival of our nation should be allowed the same pain every day . We wish our soldiers martyred innocent and temporary guard us mercy from Allah . Turkey's head get it right , \"Mr. Obama said.

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