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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 17:15

Sugar-sweet and Food Workers'Union Staircase Alerts

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Sugar-İş President of the heavens Jesus , \"Do not lose the taste of your iftar meal ,\"he said .

Sugar-İş President of the heavens Jesus , \"Do not lose the taste of your iftar meal ,\"he said .
Sugar Industry Workers'Union of Turkey Food and Sugar-Business , circulation during Ramadan because of the extra ladder with six manufacturing sources warned the public about non-specific products . Ramadan shoppers citizens'food products when buying show sensitivity stressed the need for the Sugar Workers Union President Jesus Heaven , \"especially under the stairs dinner and dessert engaged in manufacturing businesses and industry as well as human health adversely threatening. Before Ramadan, which had peaked and health risk forming under the stairs to the products definitely should not be relied \"he said.
such enterprises human health and sanitary rules , regardless of the industry step that strict audits of these businesses can be avoided and thus people's food terrorism being faced with stating that the heavens , he continued:
\"meals, especially our life is a must. Turkey, the food industry billions of dollars have sizes Given that the six steps of producers'profit intimidating size to reach our country and the tax loss will doom as well as other properly engaged in manufacturing companies negatively affected by many businesses to bankruptcy would be . Fraudulent and food safety criteria without taking into account all the food produced in the short and long term threats to human health, the fact that should not be ignored . Giving us much food services purchased by the food areas of food terrorism and crime have been committing an invitation . Therefore consumers are required to be conscious about the food . Conscious food consumer , you should know that what you eat cheap food should not compromise , get under the stairs and businesses to choose products that must be questioned . Before then for our health as a part of the society we live should be aware of this responsibility and community in this direction must inform . On this occasion of holy Ramadan blessing wish to be it. \"
Month of Ramadan with the coming inevitably a supply-demand balance consists stated that the heavens ,\"especially Iftar our tables is indispensable dessert in the production of beet sugar produced sweetener instead use hours of the hungry stomach can adversely affect the . Repeatedly used and waste oil which becomes the consumption of fat , so to speak is the equivalent of engine oil consumed , \"he said .

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