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  • 22 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 03:39

Suggestions for carnet Family Preview

Suggestions for carnet Family Preview
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Neighborhood Assembly of the City Council who Canakkale Es"Family Contribution to Child's Success"panel was held.

Çanakkale news:
Esenler Neighborhood Assembly led craving Kayali and Commodity Exchange Elementary School, Omer March and Cevatpaşa Secondary School Parents' Association with the contribution of Es who Neighborhood Assembly meeting held in the panel families showed great interest. Experts on the panel by the pedagogue Rights Şahintürk"Family Contribution to Child's Success"made a presentation on. Mother, father of the children influencing the development of negative attitudes, behaviors, and how they will be eliminated providing information about Şahintürk;"Family communication elements, the child's developmental characteristics and academic success of children related to families made recommendations. Healthy child can grow for the family what should pay attention to. School success I was reminded parents to factors affecting the family,"he said. Esenler Neighborhood Assembly President Irfan Kütüklü,"Students report card receivables. Karner family in the anticipation as weak can come in. Families different behaviors found within so that they to inform held a meeting. PTA and managers we worked with. Whatever we do, activities and study together stakeholders will bring. Together decision whether to produce and achieve,"he said.

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