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  • 10 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 12:03

Suicide in young people Clamp

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Army Deputy Health Director Dr.

Army Deputy Health Director Dr. M. Ozgur Eren, today's youth and adult sectors increased suicide , said:\"Young people in a stressful situation, sees it as a way to commit suicide ,\"he said . assessing the causes of suicide among young people increased
Dr. That is , the face of stress and depression , especially young people'problem solving skills'drew attention to or choose to commit suicide . Dr. Free will , \"the youth even more action-maker , as they stressful situations suicide a way as to mind more often can bring , therefore possibility of suicide may also increase. Hence in problem solving skills , inadequate, impulsivity and anger students with high detected them if they suicidal terms risk groups assessed. suicide, multiple factors induced , but to a large extent of mental illness on the basis of the resulting behavior. especially depression mental illness, suicide risk 10-fold increase is caused . causes of death in the first-chronic physical illnesses are located; relationship problems, alcohol and substance abuse , inadequate health insurance, in the five years of residence change economic loss , loneliness , frustration , shame , humiliation , failure, family conflicts , such as challenging life events, suicide risk has been associated with , but this risk factors often cause of suicide is not alone . Many risk factors , mental illness, along with when suicidal tendencies may be increased , \"he said .
2013' Te 3 thousand 189 people committed suicide
in Turkey in 2013 According to Turkstat 3 thousand 189 people committed suicide due was lost , the number of traffic fatalities by half indicating that is , the Army the same year, a total of 26 people committed suicide , he said.
suicide forms during the first percentage 50.9'hang himself', while the second , so 25.5'using firearms', the third during a 9.4 per cent with the'high jump'takes place , indicating that Dr. Eren, \"firearm restrictions on this rate reduction will be effective on ,\"he said .
Dr. Eren gave the following information for:\"according to the statistics of suicide rates increasing in adolescents and young adults and is one of the top four causes of death . One-quarter of suicides in our country takes place in the 15-24 age group ; but over the age of 65 is increasing again . The highest age-specific suicide rates examined by 8:08 75+ hundred thousand , whereas in the age group 35-39 age group with at least one hundred thousand is seen in 4:56 . \"

Suicide in young people Clamp" comments for.


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