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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:05

\"Suicide is not Turkey Meat, Repeat Orientation EU \"

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TÜSİAD International Coordinator Dr.

Bursa news: Bahadir Kaleağası EU in a very important point in the full membership , he said Turkey should in this case the good reviews . Photo Bursa Industrialists'and Businessmen's Association ( BUSIAD ) was held at the House of BUSIAD in November Grasshopper meeting of the Culture . Bahadir Kaleağası speaker of the meeting, members of BUSIAD'World and Recent Developments in Europe'and'A View to Turkey'made ​​a presentation. BUSIAD members of the world , the European Union and Turkey axis a wide horizon round checks Bahadir Kaleağası EU in a very important point in the full membership of this situation in Turkey told us that the good reviews . Where the Photo in the world balance of power and the importance of that in which areas pointing Kaleağası , \"power in the world in general in North America, Europe, the USA and Asia . If you own until recently, nuclear weapons the United Nations Security would becoming a permanent member of the Council. last 150 years, oil and gas , finance, technology, human resources , historical accumulation , cultural background or somehow resourceful society, regarded as a power source in the world. They probably need to add the brand value , \"he said .
\"primordially world trade returns , \"said Kaleağası , the busiest land in the world , sea and air North America trade route again , he said concentrated in Europe and Asia. Kaleağası , the commercial relations between Europe and the US is always at a high level , but Asia also stressed now that there is a very important factor in location.
Last period is an indicator of the sophistication in the world of internet stream , Turkey's facebook and in this context twitter mainly Bahadir describing social media can be considered developed countries in the use Kaleağası , \"we have to be good at social media , important. But globalization because now freedom from within , as it brings positive reflections along drawbacks also holds . the world , as can benefit from advances in technology, biological and digital virus also greatly affected , \"he said . on the basis of a Photo economic development that much of the Republic , democracy, indicating forward not going Kaleağası the non-free law and human rights in the country , Turkey has used a striking phrase about the image abroad . Photo Turkey's EU wherein the image in terms of , well is not active in the Middle East , but the'Middle East'Kaleağası be argued that bad , \"we are moving into an important horizon in our relations with the EU. But in order to become a full member of the union needs to do a separate issue in Turkey. Turkey is the EU had come to the door if he needed to that end. We made a large part of the fact we need to do . The private sector , 80 percent of the legislation concerning connecting to the decision in Brussels. In Turkey, most of the cases were transferred to the domestic law than half of this legislation. Therefore significant effect on Turkey EU acquis . The remaining parts more about agriculture. It also could make Turkey, the EU becomes more integrated , \"he said .
\"What we do in the past, in the future do may be to what a reflection , \"said Kaleağası , the opposition political authority in the country in the EU , he said think positive at the point of becoming a full member . Photo Bahadir Kaleağası , \"Do we take the time to Turkey and the EU are ready? \"is the question he replied:Photo \"because Turkey is not ready until now we have no test to measure it . Take I suppose. But it will be ready in the EU. EU needs to become a very effective and better handling. Different things from anywhere in the relations between Turkey and the EU said . Turkey adapts when the EU is itself ready to make all the conditions have changed . In fact, it will be a different perception of Turkey's day. 90 In this process , we have successfully implemented in the 2000s and have attracted foreign direct investment in a serious sense . Yet recently , in 2003, 2004 and grew rapidly the amount of foreign direct investment into our country when negotiations begin in 2005. Will be enhanced with Turkey and the EU and at this point does not afford one of the two sides already will not have to then fight. \"Photo Turkey ,\"European progressive way , engaged in manufacturing in the EU standards , but also the center of Eurasia with Asian dynamism and entrepreneurial ability \"in describing Kaleağası , \"Eurasians , but a Eurasian European ... this image is strengthened when Turkey goes forward . See what our relationship with the EU so good, then Turkey's image in the world that much is going well , \"he said .
International Turkey of investors'investment grade countries,'he saw as , but Kaleağası explaining that some of the concerns that EU membership in stating that absolutely should not be desperate , finished by saying:Photo \"world once again. In this sense , Turkey is at risk because many troops were left out of a location . But international investors'Turkey not commit suicide , again turning the EU's thought bears . Inside the government and the opposition thinks so too . I think the real power us. Citizens in each of us . What is real , what is true we have nothing to work for him to do otherwise . Time , time is not pessimism . Pack up , pressing , we have to say the right thing all the time. I think we're the right keywords field for it. \"

\"Suicide is not Turkey Meat, Repeat Orientation EU \"" comments for.


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