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  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 01:35

Suleyman Demirel said suggestive!

Suleyman Demirel said suggestive!
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Syria Demirel says: a rainy day, not dark.

Suleyman Demirel , inner turmoil reigned Syria provided due to the cease-fire on the Feast of the Sacrifice, the"rainy day, not dark. Surely there on the morning of a night."he said.

to spend the holiday Feast of Sacrifice to Sapanca Suleyman Demirel in Ankara, Bolu Mountain stopped at Highway Shopping Center. Answering the questions of the journalists here Demirel, state that for 40 years of service are met and, therefore, wherever he goes, he said.

Turkey and around the world who wish to dominate the peace after the Feast of Sacrifice, Demirel said:"God willing, after the sacrifice, everything will be more organized in Turkey and in the world, is peace. indoors and outdoors people to each other and will be in a better livelihood. peace, everyone must contribute.'s holiday in Turkey with this in mind I wish to bring goodness. 7 to 70 Eastern of all of our citizens, Westerners, Southern of the, Northern of celebrating holidays."

Bolu Mountain Tunnel choose to break explaining that the property wants to see Demirel, the prime minister himself has taken the foundation of the tunnel, but in 1992, the intervening years of earthquakes and other issues delayed because of the end date of the project, he said.

journalists Demirel also answered questions about Syria,"Time washes away a lot of things. It's all about losing goodwill. I call upon everyone. There is no intention of my political. I üstüyüm politics. I would say to anyone, let us help the formation of peace in Turkey. Everybody get help. If this happens, the result is good. Days to get better, you have already Establishment of the necessary moves to better days. These days are temporary. These difficulties are temporary. I know our nation is in big trouble and hope to be beneficial for the Feast of Sacrifice. I always hope, I always hoped, and hoping to continue. Not dark, rainy day. There are surely on the morning of the night. I hope everything becomes smooth."He said.

Bolu leaving the mall after eating Demirel, Sapanca moved.

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