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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 14:13

Süleymanlı Contribution to Education

Süleymanlı Contribution to Education
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His contribution to the education of Talas Municipality continues unabated .

Kayseri news: Finally Talas neighborhood turned into Süleymanlı first and middle school landscaping and children's play groups , which included 40 thousand TL was done to help .
Süleymanlı Union Dirlik and Solidarity Festival as part of the school garden ceremony at the Deputy Governor and Talas Yasemin Cetinkaya Özata Governor , Mayor Mustafa Talas Palancıoğlu , Bilal Yilmaz Provincial Director of Education , District Education Director Muhittin Aydogan, charitable Mustafa Al, students and citizens participated . Talas Governor Jasmine Özata Cetinkaya, a nationwide school-immolation talked about , \"Here, too, how beautiful , pleasing developments are taking place . Local governments and our charitable our school, our needs are addressed ,\"he said .
Talas Mayor Mustafa Palancıoğlu education community, from the one end up as days in the school for condemned the attacks , said:\"Municipalities Flaky education in our institutions to support will continue . country's kalkınıp for the development of education will give support is extremely important. Martyrs fallen members of the police our mercy from Allah , their families and our nation my condolences . fearlessly , relentlessly our country aspiring-made and well-being continue to work for will . unity and togetherness of them in overcoming believe that . came to office since the day training, especially in all fields to contribute're trying . these to our school paving , landscaping and other necessities for the 40 thousand have spent . this years of education have reserved 500 thousand . Five rooms have renewed our school teachers , according to the needs of others are doing. Our puppies come to rescue work will continue, \"he said.
Provincial Education Director Bilal Yilmaz, charitable compete with each other and municipalities in a serious sense , which is supported in Kayseri education community, serving from his happiness , expressing President Palancıoğlu thanked . district Education Manager Muhittin Aydogan needs of schools determines the list by the municipality in collaboration tries to resolve , he said.
Philanthropy Mustafa Aksoy , now Talas district that Süleymanlı for the development contribute will continue noted. Speaking after the literacy course successfully while women who completed the certifi-kai , chairman and philanthropist Palancıoğlu Mustafa Aksoy was given a plaque of appreciation .


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