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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:42

Summer, winter flu flu treatment different

Summer, winter flu flu treatment different
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Known as a disease of the air-conditioning in the summer summer winter flu flu treatment are different.

The disease is caused by incorrect use of air conditioning

Memorial Antalya Hospital stating that the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat Op. Dr. Hasan Yilmaz, gave information about the treatment of the disease.

summer flu, fever, malaise, muscle aches, later in the process cough, sputum production, Yilmaz noted the emergence of symptoms such as deep breathing, request, show a flu-like symptoms drew attention to the many different causes of the disease. Yilmaz said bulaşmadığını the disease from person to person,"Disease germs, water systems, cooling towers, air-conditioning systems is transmitted from multiplying. These devices or involuntary inhalation of particles passing through the waters of breath occurs with escape routes. Days of illness is caused by one slowly."she said.

summer flu, also known as Legionnaires' disease, the different treatment, underlining that the winter flu, Yilmaz found the following advice:"K esinlikle before the winter flu and the common cold or the environment used in the recommended drugs should not be taken into account. Surely by being an ear, nose and throat specialist examination, the doctor recommended medications should be used. disease is caught before it periodically with air-conditioners and air-conditioning systems, general maintenance and cleaning of filter changes take place in time. pools care, medication, ventilation operations, water exchange and pool water Details of the time and care should be emptied and cleaned the floor."

Summer flu disease can be prevented by using the right that leads to the air conditioner needs to be done Yilmaz noted listed as follows:"N Use the right of the harbor. Use our air conditioning in general, should be minimal. Closed and the air conditioning is often used for a while opened again after a light but must be operated for several hours without interruption. temperature setting is too be dropped. Ideally should be established in order to obtain the coolness, regular maintenance should be made. filters renewed on time. sleep in. vented through the window of the room. uyunacaksa air-conditioned environment, almost every hour throughout the day drunk a glass of water. conditioning approximately 22-23 must be set to a temperature in degrees. Cold air flow rate (discharge) should be the lowest intensity. Cold air outlet side should be facing the ceiling of the room, remain constant. C sleeper directly to the people yönlenmemeli. Both the window and the air conditioner should not sleep in a room that is open. People wakes up feeling chills obscure the air conditioner temperature setting 3-4 degrees should increase."

Summer, winter flu flu treatment different" comments for.


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