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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:39

'Sun Forests'Had Lung of Energy

'Sun Forests'Had Lung of Energy
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Realized that successful projects with remarkable Aegean Forest Foundation , Izmir Development Agency ( İZKA ) support taking it implements \"Sun Forests \"established under the project 500 kilowatt solar energy electricity production started in the plant .

İzmir news: Gediz began Edaş to the sale of surplus electricity was cut and the first bill . Approximately 60 thousand saplings imparting sun every year to nature income from electricity sold under the Project forests will be established . Photo Aegean Forest Foundation's Economic Enterprise conducted by EGEVAK \"Sun Forests Project\"that provides information about Aegean Forest Foundation Chairman Cem Bakioğlu , \"2 million exceeding established on the ground this plant in Turkey with an investment cost of solar energy systems ( photovoltaic power systems) between one of the first . he meet the İzmir Development Agency, 50 percent of the project cost . Under the project, Menderes-Oğlanana of'we complements their setups and started operations \"500 solar power Plant in kilowatt power \"with solar energy, will produce electricity at 800,000 kilowatts of power . and we produce a portion of the electricity in the Menderes-Oğlananası we meet the electricity needs used for the irrigation of our 30 thousand trees olive grove , surplus electricity generated electricity market in accordance with the regulations relating to unlicensed Edaş the Gediz electricity generation have started to sell . Gediz Edaş to have cut the electricity bill we sell first . Any nature by income from the electricity we sell year we established the forest of the sun giving about 60 thousand saplings , \"he said . Photo Project with Turkey in new forest areas a providing they express Bakioğlu in effect for the protection of existing trees next to the gain \"with Solar Energy System annual electricity production will take place approximately 800,000 kilowatts . This amount of energy production, which means the prevention of annual carbon emissions by over 770 tons . This year approximately 1,100 trees will provide the ability to recover . The life of the photovoltaic power system for about 30 years . This time will allow in sun shine by Aegean Forest Foundation more reforestation and realize their educational projects. \". Photo Bakioğlu will serve as an example to the region of the project will create an investment model, especially industrialists they need electricity blank dormant roof in or on land it would be encouraging for the realization and caused by fossil energy sources would be a model in the prevention of environmental problems , he said .

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