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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:50

Support Conference on Process Solution in Siirt

Support Conference on Process Solution in Siirt
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Siirt, opinion leaders, tribal chiefs and with the participation of representatives of civil society organizations'support for the solution process'conference was held .

Siirt news: Photo Turkey conference organized by the Cultural Center of the Provincial Peace Council Peace Council member Dr. Ekrem started with the opening speech of the wrist . Wrist , peace, people into space is a very important project , said they came together for as long as said support. Wrist , \"This process is also Turkey's most important problem and a process in which thousands of our people lost their lives . Here we call it the Kurdish problem. The Kurdish problem is undermining our economy and , as our education undermines both our health and affect the formation of our political identity. This Turkey's biggest problem . period's President Abdullah Gul, go to Tehran'good things will happen in Turkey , \"he said , the then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey'will no longer cry anal'he said , Nowruz in the Ocalan a message brought a serious relaxation occurred in the public to read. it also showed his faith in the people of peace. we have seen these beauties in two years. one believes the public peace , even though some flaws in the process . our hope is that permanent peace to the punctuated \"he said. Photo later, speaking to journalist-writer İzzettin , it upsets anyone experienced painful events of 6-7 October , but said it should be perceived as a traffic accident happened in the context of the settlement process. For \"Big our as we heard'everything has a silver lining'we need to look with hope . Today's statement pointing me to solve this problem ,\"he said . The beginning of Siirt most important opinion leaders with the besmele Photo Talk The sheikh Muinnid you Aydin , peace said they met for the continuation of the process , said the need to contribute to everyone's peace. Aydin, \"contribute to peace is our religious and humanitarian duty. Above all, peace almighty Allah's Koran in the Quran , as commanded'is better than peace','debates between the two groups , you will find the cross if both war .'So make peace is a very important task . Because peace in society without peace , order no, science Without peace , deeds , not worship , no life . for this purpose, our region has suffered a lot . 30 years of litigation , in the great cause of peace would be great would not be comfortable. one was shot in a small annoyance. it is coming by God's leave peace times. both sides need to make peace in believing in. If this is going to believe a party to believe a party that goes labor in vain. can not be peace wish Without Sacrifice . moved everyone's hand as the people living in our region must be put under . peace-loving, a people who want peace. Therefore, Allah has sake , who had the sake of the Prophet , has the sake of this nation. I, the two people in Muş we went 20 times to ensure peace between the murdered litigious parties. Effort should be made ​​to ensure the peace and be patient . Impatience can not be displayed . I also have the following issues ; Siirt is sensitive . In our city, Arabs, Kurds and Turks are . We are a very exceptional Siirt province. Science , irşat is lore land. October 6 to 7 events really going quashed . Kenetlenme our society we need each other . I wish that events had not taken place . Because Muslims can not harm the Muslims , neighbors adjacent to the grind does not grind , \"he said .
Then spoke Siirt Mayor Tuncer Bakırhan Kurds separation division and that there is no demand, such as establishing a separate state , on the contrary , he said resist to live together . Bakırhan , \"a people that were liberated flag with a border can not say . There are also limits on the Kurds in Iraq and Syria, and a state flag . But in Iraq , Syria , Iran , Algeria and Tunisia , can we say that the people of the free ? That is not necessarily the right to be free , to become a state does not need to be independent . Today you are the best understood and understands Kurds. Today, representing the Kurdish political will absolutely not in favor of establishing a separate state from degradation but to leave . Then what the Kurds want , with identity , with differences in the culture and language of the faith , be pushed , want to live without exclusion . They want to live in the republic of Turkey being marginalized identity . Kurds, Turkish is the official common language, but also speak their own language alongside Turkish, wants to learn . Kurds for over 100 years , the result of a deliberate policy , or not , they want to eliminate existing bırakılmışlıg back in. Kurds, economically as they want to live with equal rights as people living in the west of Turkey, \"he said .
Meeting ended after mutual questions and answers drew to a close , it was noted to be announced via a press release to be made of the roadmap tomorrow .


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