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Support from the CGF

Support from the CGF
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Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), depending on the Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( CCI ) serving the Credit Guarantee Fund for SMEs in Malatya doing presentations directly bail .

Malatya news: Photo Credit Guarantee Fund (CGF ) Malatya Manager Ufuk Kurhan , told the TSO Journal of the Credit Guarantee Fund until the beginning of 2014 , giving bail to insufficient firm guarantees that directs the banks that paved the way for the use of credit rating firm , said:\"This time credit Guarantee Fund pilot in our city , one of the province's SMEs 150 thousand. the demand for loans up to the limit began to direct bail application at the request of the company , \"he said . Photo credit Guarantee Fund to be directly related to bail the use of extensive information that Kurhan directly bail to fit the SME definition natural or legal person business with again craftsmen and tradesmen listed under the SME , said the self-employed to be benefited in agricultural enterprises. Photo Credit Guarantee Fund Malatya Manager Ufuk Kurhan found the following description:Photo \"from 18 April 2012 from Malatya Chamber of Commerce of our contribution with our province service starts credit Guarantee Fund Malatya Branch until today given that bail with and have provided access to credit of many SMEs , which contribute to the capital investment , production and employment transformation. In 1993, small and medium-sized enterprises established in order to support access to credit, Credit Guarantee Fund shareholding structure of the bank with 33.33 percent, 33.26 percent , TOBB 0 percent to 33.26 percent with KOSGEB , 15 TESK, TOSYÖV and consists of MEKSA. Turkey fits the SME definition from the CGF bail with 36 branches across the natural or legal person business with again tradesmen and artisans listed under the SME , self-employed can benefit from agricultural enterprises.
Purpose credibility of but can not use loans from banks due to collateral deficiency by giving bail to SMEs by providing access to credit , young investors with creative entrepreneurs is to support small and medium-sized businesses grow and develop. CGF's maximum guarantee limit for SME in the limit of 1 million 500 thousand TL group companies is £ 1 million . Stay within these limits to registration with the bank's Utilization CGF can give credit to a maximum of 80 percent of the bail. So you can use an SME 1 million 250 thousand loans with CGF guarantees from banks. Until recent years such as Photo Credit Guarantee Fund guarantees directed by the bank giving bail to insufficient firm was pave the way for using the loan companies. Therefore, the bail was done by banks. This time, our province is one of the Credit Guarantee Fund pilot provinces , s demand for loans to SMEs up to 150 thousand limits began to direct the firm's bail application on demand . Direct Credit Guarantee Fund approved a result of the application be given to SMEs CGF bail out a bank loan they want to be able to use the bail. Tl.y 150 thousand as surety for loans exceeding demand will continue to be made by banks in the past with the company's request and will . As well as KOSGEB Entrepreneur Support eligible and repayment supports wishing to benefit from SMEs CGF's located at address find the direct application by clicking the Direct Application link to the Credit Support . Photo Coverage strapped firms , referring to the CGF address from the Beltway and Niyazi Quarter street address KGF in Malatya Malatya Branch Chamber of Commerce operating in the 2nd floor of the new building may obtain more detailed information. \"

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