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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:59

Support the Arts Akbb

Support the Arts Akbb
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Isparta Yenisarbademli International Pınargözü Art Workshop Collection Exhibition, Erdem Beyazit Kepez Municipality Cultural Center ( EBKM ) was opened.

Antalya news:
world from different countries and from Turkey, many artist's work takes place in the exhibition , the 51st Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival venue, which will make the ebkm October 18 to be visited .
exhibition Kuruatör Dr Angel Günbey at startup in his speech , \"we perform works from India, Palestine , Saudi Arabia to Italy many local and foreign artists Yenisarbademli carried out in the workshop of his work consists of ,\"he said
Yenisarbademli Mayor Mustafa Erdem also support the arts on behalf photos of workshops that began on an international dimension , he said. Virtue, exhibition due to President Hakan tobacconist and Dr. Angel Günbey thanked .
Kepez Mayor and Mediterranean Municipalities Association ( AKBB ) Chairman Hakan tobacconist in his speech pictures workshops in place to see in recent months Yenisarbademli Municipality had visited reminded. Tobacconist , \"visit I saw in my view was amazing. Art supporting a mayor , then mayor of the art, the support given to answer the prodding of that township, who came to a very valuable artists . Smurfs and a small hall, the president's office room to complete an art gallery seemed \"he said . Tobacconist , with horizons mayors a case study in order to be exhibition, Golden Orange Film Festival event that a part of will be made Erdem Beyazit Cultural Center opened in said.
Chairman Hakan tobacconist , then other invitees ribbon cutting visited the exhibition opened . Tobacconist , guests toured the exhibition with works viewed .
Yenisarbademli Mayor Mustafa Erdem, President of the tobacconist wore lapel badge and flag of the municipality was a gift .


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