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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:36

Support the families of the handle Kobanil Association

Support the families of the handle Kobanil Association
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Kulp district of Diyarbakir Municipality co-chairman of the text Dinar, Kobanil was met with Handles association to help support the family.

Diyarbakır news: Photo Isidor attack was a result of 65 450 persons settled in the Kulp district family . In this context handle municipal co-chairman of the text Dinar and DBP Chairman Kulp district Queen Thompson, Ankara and went to Istanbul , Handles association executives and organized support for help to come together with members . The first of the association visit duration is more than a day Photo On Ankara Kulp-began with the skin. Handle-Der management and met with members of the Co-Dinar and Thompson, the Kobanil were also living in the handle that provides information about families. Ankara Handle-Der president speaking on behalf of the Association lawyer Avni Mustafaoğlu , said they followed into the process in Kobani'yi , \"the Kobanil from Kulp are places on our friends of our own. We do if we what comes and will continue to do ,\"he said . Photo Ankara \"after visiting Istanbul in the past co-chair of the association Dinar and Thompson, located in the Anatolian side of Istanbul on the European side handle-Der and found the visit is Pasukan-Der . First of Handles-Der managers and co-chairman , who met with members of the Dinar and Thompson, the Kobanil from Kulp found in informing about the status of the family. Photo is approximately ten days indicated their continuing contact with foreign lands Kulp'lu \u0026 Handles associations Dinar, migration from Isidor attack whether Kulp said that they all opportunities to raise settled Kobanil families'standard of living . on prospective investments for district visits
Association also talks Dinar stating that they perform , \"Pasurl facing production for our county with our business leaders to make projects and investments we come together as partners . we will continue our work to meet the needs of our county and breakthrough . we are grateful to everyone who has contributed to our Kobanil friendly , \"he said .

Support the families of the handle Kobanil Association" comments for.


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