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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:55

Supporting Documents 8 People Detained in Alleged Fraud

Supporting Documents 8 People Detained in Alleged Fraud
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Sanliurfa Siverek , improperly support takes the money allegedly for farmers initiated the investigation , organized fake the Council's decision , Governor Hamza Erkal signature to the bank to send and withdraw money claimed eight people were arrested .

Şanlıurfa news:
safety from authorities , according to information including Food, Agriculture and Livestock District Directorate in charge of agricultural engineers also found a group in 2010, cotton support in applications of cultivated land that is not cultivated by pretending cheated on the grounds that the money confiscated 204 farmers with the \"New bags according to the law of money to retrieve from the State Council decision we have brought money 40 percent if you give us money in the bank to be able to get by saying \"they have discussed reported.
fake court ruling and Governor Hamza Erkal with the signature corporate seal they use paperwork to the bank admitted five farmers pay 240 thousand pounds were noted.
on it Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch teams, gang members began working towards . Fake documents prepared eight farmers 285 thousand pounds more will be paid achieve knowledge KOM teams, about the bank in consultation with the payment was in front of .
Event examining Siverek Police Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime teams forgery of documents determined that the AK , MD, KK, SS, Y.Ö. , SS, MHS and detained in s.d.i'.y . Learned that the Run for the arrest of eight people was expressed that the work continued .

Supporting Documents 8 People Detained in Alleged Fraud" comments for.


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