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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 18:55

Surprise Marriage Proposal on Off-Road Racing

Surprise Marriage Proposal on Off-Road Racing
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In off-road race held in Karabük University , help the pilot Emrah Physician, consisting of individual letters'Admiral , will you marry me?'Letter to his girlfriend putting on 24 vehicle's surprise he proposed marriage .

Karabük news: Photo Karabük Karabük University Off-Road Club was organized by off-road racing at local level in the Iron and Steel Campus. Ahead of the competition , which auto mechanic in Safranbolu Industrial Estate and 23 port number to the pilot Abdullah made ​​the vice-Iron 29-year-old Emrah physicians , 1.5 years has offered 21-year-old Derya Tezcan surprise marriage is dear since . Doctors , consisting of separate letters'Derya you marry me?'Writings on the 24-terrain vehicle before the race , putting the combined side by side . The physician then make the announcement official announcement to come to Derya Tezcan's racing center. Tezcan to hear the announcement from the race center, has agreed to make the offer by experiencing great joy with her ​​lover knelt marriage . Emrah Physicians and Derya Tazc souvenir photo taken under the torch and confetti . Emrah physician , he is a very happy day for the meaning of life is really like Tezcan said Derya . The Tezcan Derya he knew he would offer to marry her lover , but said that such a surprise waiting , \"My father will follow . I send him my love. Emrah Physician love it ,\"he said . While continuing
marriage proposal after races, was overthrown alamayarak a vehicle cornering .

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