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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:37

Surprise visit from Oral

Surprise visit from Oral
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Adana Metropolitan Mayor Huseyin Oral , Nationalist Hearths Education and Culture Foundation , visited the Island Provincial Chairman .

Adana news: Photo Adana Nationalist Hearths Provincial President Yunus Long and administration Oral President who visited the quarry building , congratulated the quarry management assigned to the Grey Wolves , and wished success in their work. President engaged in the consultation meeting with
January administration Oral , Nationalist Hearths'the mission emphasizing that a politician who knows and vision , \"I know the Grey Wolves mission and vision that overcame . Ülkü your load as a politician who grew up without burners lArdAndIm knows best the weight. We will work very'll sleep less to be successful .\"Mr. Photo Islands Oral President who exchange ideas about what can be done together , Ülkü said Wolves is an exceptional NGO said:Photo \"Nationalist Hearths of Education and Culture Foundation, knowledgeable , learned, decent, home-loving brims valiant exceptional institutions. Opinions sole tent is always that I need . Nationalist Hearths adequately fulfilling the duty of Homeland'm always eyeball . It makes giving a new impetus to Adana to work with Dolphins length and I thank my Ülküdaş . \"Photo Adana January President expressed his satisfaction with the visit that surprised if many are \"trained the Nationalist Hearths and political life of three semesters of successful work in Ceyhan Adana Şehr after doing-i'm sure of Adana Metropolitan Mayor Huseyin Oral , you will need to take an example of our youth , \"he said . Photo Hussein length stating their will side Oral is always , \"We know our way arduous , If what falls upon us to be successful on the road this blessed we are ready to do , \"he said .

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