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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 17:43

Suşehri Qadr Message from Governor Rivet

Suşehri Qadr Message from Governor Rivet
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Suşehri Governor Kadir rivet , therefore issued a message Qadr .

Sivas news: Suşehri Governor Kadir rivet , therefore issued a message Qadr .
Governor rivet message, \"A thousand a month is better than one that lofty Our book Quran Holy Koran heralded blessed Night of Qadr gained we have . Qadr its own outside the whole time from the sections hold superior qualifications for all humanity guidance and happiness guide is a divine our book Quran Kerim this night to be downloaded has started is . Qur'an became more important with tonight's securities known , but the Qur'an sincerely orientation and its offer to humanity a unique message read, understand , think and to live would be possible. Remuneration of unlimited is given as Qadr , ourselves owning our , our life review and inquiry, forgetting and knowing we have committed errors of repentance and forgiveness for them, wishing the Almighty Creator endless mercy and forgiveness hoping renewal , each of our affection between us and love us all it is time to embrace the next steps on this path . resentment rides the resentment of resentment is not the budgerigar , embraced Malaria , Malaria and asking how people wholeheartedly is the time to start at the beginning of love . Spiritual purification and forgiveness , offering us the opportunity of this blessed night , our lives and to bring about lasting changes in our behavior is an important issue . For this reason, worship our and moral in our lives stability and direction of a major concern , knowing that each month of Ramadan and every day and night of Qadr live as target should be , \"he said .
Rivet posts continuation of said:
\"just for ourselves We should live not for everyone . Spiritual grace and blessings of the door is wide open this exceptional and Muazzez of the night , way to bring our souls with the light of guidance biggest wish . These feelings and thoughts Qadr your congratulates the Supreme Mevlamız from , we hold fast and we all worship to accept our tonight, made ​​in the prayer and supplication of the Islamic world unity, there is peace and unity , social unity improving our humanity, peace, peace and happiness to be instrumental in to entreat . Our country , our city , I hope to bring to our district no . \"

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