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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 17:56

Swiss leader, appeared to have a traditional wrestling

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President of the Swiss Confederation participating in the traditional wrestling festival, Ueli Maurer,""A tree needs strong roots to withstand the storm.

I'm going to follow the Swiss

joy to be interested in the roots."she said.

Ueli Maurer, traditional wrestling festival yesterday (Schwingfest) speech. Maurer,"We all know that we have to work harder than anybody else in the Swiss. Our values, we have to be humble and disciplined work as well. Considering claiming roots and values ​​on the right track as long as we entered we move to new jobs. And for our country as well as the far-sightedness and stability is of great importance to our economy."He said.


two hundred fifty thousand visitors attended the festival capital Bern wrestling 'made in the Emmental region. Ueli Maurer, the Swiss festival with a budget of 25 million francs was described as the biggest celebration. wrestling matches and winning athlete, Switzerland,' the King of Wrestling as"honored. This year's 'King ' 27 Sempach Matthias was old.

According to historical sources, Swiss-style wrestling (Schwingen) appeared in the 13th century. Alpine shepherds in the mountains, water sports, 'Schwingen', was conducted in cities across the country in the 19th century was a well-known sport. Mattresses chip-shirt and pants instead of going out in a circle on the wrestling athletes. increasingly widespread in recent years, the sport has attracted great attention of national festivities. shepherds launched 'Schwingen' increased popularity of the sport has become Switzerland's national sport.

Swiss leader, appeared to have a traditional wrestling" comments for.


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