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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 13:36

Syrian ambassador:Opponents used chemical weapons in retaliation

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Syria's ambassador to South Cyprus Zuhair Cebur, the U.S. and its allies declared war in Syria, Cyprus, said the target would not receive.

Syrian ambassador, the army used chemical weapons flatly denied the allegations, Bassar Assad defended not use such weapons against its own people in no time.

in the hands of the United States, Assad's army used chemical weapons thousand 400 reminded of the presence of civilians killed Cebur evidence, said :"E If you have evidence llerinde must submit it to the world. Evidence sunsunlar the UN. outs, last March killed 25 people and a large number of using chemical weapons wounded. we immediately wanted to send a group of experts from the UN. however, the United States, the Syrian Army used chemical weapons in some areas prevented the creation of the group on the basis of the claim."


uçmayıp chemicals even after 5 months is a long time when it's stated that a permanent ambassador to UN experts have come to the Russian experts said the research when they offer evidence to the UN. Opponents in preparation for the attack that occurred on August 21, claiming that the ambassador, the United States, Saudi Arabia, France, Qatar and the region, including Turkey, ready to use chemical weapons to be found in several of the state propaganda claimed that the previously predicted begun. Cebur, the Syrian Army, the opposition, and the opposition in Damascus're hitting attack them realizing it fırlattıklarını missiles carrying chemical weapons in retaliation asserted.

for co-operation with the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-mun'un you letting you know that the Syrian government said the ambassador. :"T Now, say we use chemical weapons. We 'show evidence of 'call. Mr. Kerry at a press conference that the Syrian army uses chemical weapons, and should be punished, he said. göstersinler We also call their evidence to the public. dispose of a crime the right to the left, show us. them, say that the secret evidence. This is a propaganda."

"IN CORRESPONDENCE WILL attack on the United States and its allies"

attack on the United States or its allies in Syria, his country's response when asked what would happen,"Provision will. defend our country because we have all the methods and has the right to defend our land, our people and our possibilities."Cebur Zuhayr said,"We will attack the casualties who knows how long? However, even though you know the results will defend. Syria's response will be heavy and surprise."he spoke.

"Cyprus, Syria friendly country. Cyprus has deep and historical ties."Cebur said Syria's ambassador to the south of Cyprus, the UK, whereas in Cyprus knows that two sovereign base in Cyprus said they did not wish in any way to be a target.

Syrian ambassador:Opponents used chemical weapons in retaliation" comments for.


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